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Updated on October 05, 2011
R.S. asks from Kyle, TX
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Hi~ Just want to get ideas on what to do for a "pre-teen" bday! He's turning 12 in a couple of weeks. When asked, he says "i don't know" what I want to do for my bday. But he wants to invite his friends.. He throws out any suggestions I give as well... he's just at that age where he doesn't know what he wants, etc.. So any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for the wonderful suggestions! We wound up having an Airsoft party in the backyard ~ my husband set up obstacles and lights, as well as spiderwebs and a fog machine ~ we took a little break and they played video games for a while, then once it was dark outside they went back for round two~ the kids had a great time!

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answers from Dallas on

Here are a couple fun ideas:
1 Skate/bike park in Allen -- lots of hills! Kids had lots of fun there
2. Whirlyball Plano -- super fun!!!
3. Paintball party - my boys love having these
4. Airsoft party -- there is even a place that does this! Google it!

Can you tell my kids are athletes? LOL

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answers from Chicago on

Paintball? Laser tag?

I would stop the "he throws out any suggestions you give". Stop making suggestions. When he comes up with something that is acceptable then plan the party.

If he "doesn't know" then he doesn't get a party. At 12.... he's old enough to figure out what he wants on his own. I don't think this is an "age" thing. My friend has a 13 year old and an 11 year old - both sons. They know exactly what they want. So, if your son doesn't... then work with him on how to figure out what he wants.... not just to reject your suggestions.

You're doing too much of the communciation work. I fast forward this conversation 30 years and I know that his wife will be angry when he "throws out all the suggestions she makes of what to have for dinner but doesn't offer a solution" lol!!!!!!!!

what do you want for dinner? I dunno.
chicken? no, I had chicken yesterday.
steak? no, trying to cut back on red meat.
grilled cheese? no, that's not dinner it's lunch.

well what do you want for dinner? I dunno.


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When my oldest son has his birthday they split into 2 groups of 5 and had 1 hour to complete a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. I had made a long list of items that our local food pantry needed and all items they collected were donated. It was a race, each team took a wagon and an adult and the winning team received a prize. It was fun, energetic, they were really busy, they learned a little something and then I had cake and ice cream ready for them when they returned. EASY! Most boys didn't even know what a food pantry was, they were "why do you need all this food?" I am very glad they did it and my oldest was able to collect 186 pounds of food for our community!

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What about lazar tag at Main Event? My 12 year old loves that. Or Dave and Busters. At least the one nearest us is all ages till a certain time at night. Boys love video games. My son wants to have an airsoft party but I dont' know anywhere to do that.

Good luck and God Bless!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I agree with wickerparkgirl! Give him a budget and some ideas and have him research it and do some initial planning. He's 12 and can certainly work a google search! Give him a deadline for when you need a decision so you can arrange details. Or give him the alternative "low maintenance plan." Your friends, Friday night, pizza and cokes, we sing happy birthday, the end! At that age it might be all he wants! Ideas that sound fun to me (being a thirty-something woman and NOT a preteen boy): going to the movies or an amusement park with a few close friends, laser tag, arcade, wall climbing, hiking/picnic or camping or paint ball. Honestly when I was this age my parents always just took us out to a nice dinner at a grown up restaurant and we got to dress up and bring one friend and order whatever we wanted. My brother and I loved it because we felt very grown up and got to order endless numbers of Roy Rogers until we were giddy with sugar! What does NOT make a person feel grown up is having mommy plan it all. He will be more invested if you force him to step up and make a decision. Time to start manning up sonny!

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answers from Phoenix on

My daughter just turned 12 last tuesday and she's a Tomboy. She wanted to go see Lion King in 3D with her friends. BUT, she was invited to her best friends bday party and he's 12 and they went to play lazer tag and had a great time. So maybe that? I don't know but if he doesn't have any ideas or want to really DO anything then maybe he can just invite his friends over and play video games, watch a movie and hang out? I hope you figure out something, good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My son turned 12 last month. He just wanted to hang out with his friends at our house playing video games, but I wanted them to do something to burn off some energy first. We started at the local YMCA swimming and using the waterslide. We came to our house for pizza, movies, video games and a sleepover. My oldest son had his 11th birthday also at the Y, but they played in the gym, not the pool. With boys I like to have active parties. Much to my son's dismay, I'm pretty restrictive about the movies I'll rent because I don't want to upset any parents. What about one of those places that have a combined mini golf, batting cages, arcade, laser tag, etc.? Boys that age seem to like those kinds of places. We've done that before too.

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answers from Dallas on

Adventure Landing in Dallas on Coit Road is a lot of fun for kids and adults. They have mini golf, bumper boats, lazer tag, batting cages, go carts, food and tons of games to play. My son always has a great time there. They have two or three party packages to choose from. Good luck!


answers from Austin on

Is there a gaming place by you?
I know here in Austin there are a few places where groups of people can play the electronic games.. There is even a company with this huge 18 wheeler truck you can rent and they bring the multiple games to your home or wherever you want.

Bowling, paint ball, a football game, swimming, camping...


answers from Norfolk on

We have something over here called the Gamer Bus.
It's a mobile video arcade in an RV.
Air conditioned/heated they can take up to 16 people and they park right in front of your house.

My son went to a party where it was featured and I was impressed.



answers from Amarillo on

Game Truck if he's interested in games. I believe that they have those down where you are at. My 13 year old for both his 12th & 13th birthday wanted an Nerf gun party. We invited all of his friends and told them to bring their Nerf guns and bullets and meet up at a park, then we had cake ice cream and let them just run around the park shooting at each other. It was a blast!



answers from San Diego on

when my youngest turned 12? That was 11 years ago!! oooooh make me think...

He had a Paint Ball party and his hobby was baseball (now his profession) and we bought him a new baseball bag, bat and glove...

if he has a hobby - get him something from that!!!


answers from Los Angeles on

Maybe he would be content to have a some friends over for a sleepover, boys like them, too. You could serve pizza and snacks, let them camp out in sleeping bags wherever the TV is, rent some movies, and have a cake or cupcakes. My grandson did this last year when he turned 12, and this year had an impromtu sleepover with 3 of his friends after his pool party.



answers from Dallas on

Main event... bowling, laser tag, pizza, etc.....
Paint ball
Six Flags

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