Son's Room Has a Funky Smell

Updated on October 07, 2011
M.. asks from Appleton, WI
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So my 9 year olds room has started to smell funky! My friends Mom refers to it as " the testosterone smell". Any suggestions on how to get rid of it and prevent it from coming back?

** My son's room is pretty much clean. His bedding is cleaned weekly. He does not have a B.O. problem, but I do have him wear deoderant daily because he has had it before. I'm at a loss....

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answers from Los Angeles on

Use Febreeze on his bedding, draperies, closet and carpet, and open the windows as much as possible to get fresh air in the room. I noticed this with my brothers, too, all eight of them :-/

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answers from Washington DC on

Wash his pillows and blankets with a little vinegar in the wash. Get some Febreeze. Boys have a way of smelling up a room even if they bathe. Even though my SS has been gone for a couple of months, I can still smell the faint odor of boyfunksocks. And the shoes. Do not sniff the shoes. Just Febreeze the heck out of them. And open the window.

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answers from Washington DC on

Just wait until he's 15. You ain't smelled nothing yet!!

Get the damp clothes out of the closet, the pizza out from under the bed and the piles of underwear in the corner, might find more dead pizza buried under them.

Have him start taking showers at least every other night. Mine's 10 and on a year round swim team so he gets a good disinfection three nights a week. It helps.
Get him some deodarent. Mine likes the smelly stuff. He has some of his older brother's "smell" too.
Get one of those room deodarizers that squirt every 30 minutes or whenever there is movement. Ours is a Lysol, AirWick makes one too, and the bottles of deodarizers are interchangeable. We keep one in my hubby's closet.
Start washing sheets more often, like every week or maybe Saturdays and Wednesdays.

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answers from Columbia on

He needs to do a full room cleaning...and that might require your assistance. Bring in a trash bag, a laundry hamper, a vacuum, and some Lysol.

He probably has something stuffed somewhere. Sigh...boys.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Open windows, fabric fresheners, tide plus bleach, ax body spray...yeah, I have 2 boys...

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answers from Phoenix on

My dance room had that funky smell. I tried everything but the only thing that worked was sprinkling baking soda on the carpet and then vacuuming.

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answers from Honolulu on

Does he have B.O. (body odor) and/or leaves his dirty clothes all over his room on the floor, stuffed into the closet, dirty stinky socks anywhere etc?
Also if he has damp stale bath towels that hasn't completely dried, it will stink up a room too.
Boys, leave things like that anywhere.

Or ask him, "do you know your room stinks? Time to clean it out.... what is old/stale/dirty/festering that you have in here? Time to clean it out and put it in the laundry... " etc.

But yah, they get B.O. at that age.

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answers from San Francisco on

Welcome to "the funky son's club smell"....just keep making him clean the room, change the sheets (bedding) or be prepared to lose what ever is causing you any problems. If you can't do that...keep the door closed.


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answers from St. Louis on

spray his shoes with disinfectant.

spray the entire room with Febreze.

Oh, & wash the curtains!

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answers from Houston on

My uncle tells a story about his mother, my grandmother, walking into his room when he was about 15 and stated "your room smells horny"....
Now that is funny.
Our sons room, he's 11, is the same. Check for a misplaced towel, and the shoes will do some damage to a closet.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Even though his room is pretty clean, could he have some sports equipment or clothing laying around or that got put away without washing? What about anything hidden? My son has been known to stash candy from birthday parties in his room although food and drink isn't allowed in there. Some sports clothes and gear still smells even after washing (hockey, for example).

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