Son's Birthday Party

Updated on October 01, 2007
T.S. asks from Lubbock, TX
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My oldest son will be 9 on the 5th and we are going to have his B-day party. Well he decided that he wanted it here at home and he wanted an Army theme. I just have no idea what soever about what I am going to do. If any of you have any ideas on that I would really appreciate it. I would like him to change his mind to a Halloween theme, but then I would need ideas for that one too.... All help would be nice. Thank you all so much.

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answers from Wichita Falls on

If you are having trouble with finding the stuff for the theme or themes, I would try looking at Oriental Trading or Card and Party Factor in Wichita Falls if you live in that area. Hope this is of some help.



answers from Austin on

Hey T.,
I can't really help with the Army theme but I have an idea for the Halloween one. How about a pumpkin decorating contest? Kids can get pretty creative with glue and paint. I am not too familiar with 9 year old boys as my son is 2 but depending upon his interests and the guest list- it might work. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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answers from Killeen on

I don't know if you like to bake but you can make chocolate cupcakes and frost them to look like camo and add those little green army men on top instead of a cake. I'm not sure about the age group but you can do camo face paint and play G.I. Joe in the back yard or nearby park. If you plan on feeding the children while they are at the party you can do up your food early and package it like MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat). Hope this help a little bit.


answers from College Station on

Maybe it could be a costume party and he could dress up in Army garb, and his cake could be Army themed. The other kids could wear a Halloween costume...?



answers from Amarillo on

Army Bday

do an army crawl race?
army dodgeball? (like dodgeball but if hit in arm/leg u just cant use that arm/leg)
Send out army type invites

Halloween bday

costume contest
floating hand in punchbowl
guess whats inside the box
bubblegum eyes in green or red jello

if you need more help i have yahoo n aol n live in amarillo



answers from Austin on

A mini boot camp might be fun. You can set up obstacles in the yard for them to complete. If you wanted to, you can even have a winner for the fastest time. You can buy plain white t-shirts and have them make their own army shirts. I think you can buy special markers or paints that are for fabric. You can also have them paint their face. As far as decorations go, I would just try to find cameo or American flag stuff. I know this is not much but maybe it will give you a good start. good luck.



answers from Austin on

UGH I am sooooooooo jealous!! this is the party I wanted to do for my son! Are you near Austin? do a treasure hunt using compasses.... go to a goodwill store and get some Camis- have a race where they work in teams, to get the gear on, race somewhere, undress, and get the next teammate dressed, and so on. Set up an obstical course, with rope to climb up, a "hill" to climb over, cones to "belly crawl" around... Do the grenade shaped water balloons and set up target on trees, made of paper plates. If you color the water inside the balloons (with food coloring) you can do a team for each color and have scoring... then serve a snack out of camping cups, and then do cake or whatever... if you need more help or ideas, please send me an email, I have LOTS more ideas!



answers from Austin on

You can look up Oriental for inexpensive party items for an army theme. I'd run to a party store and see if you can get paper goods in olive drab, brown and bright green colors. Big Lots might have bags of little army men that could be used to decorate the cake, the dining tables or ask giveaways. I know Joann's is having a sale on fabric and maybe you can find inexpensive camo fabric to use for table cloths. Maybe see if there's an Army-Navy surplus store? For a game, you could have them do a belly crawl and see who can get to the finish line first. Maybe even a full obstacle course!



answers from San Antonio on

How about scouting for boxes (like refridgerator) boxes to make things to army crawl through. Like some kind of obsticale course Maybe by teams and timing which team completes the mission first. The boxes could be spray painted camo style. Helmets could be found at a dollar store. I'd make card board rifles painted black. depending on the weather they could lob water balloons filled with something washable i.e. paint ball balloons. They could also lob 'granades' at a back board type target with point values. The granades could be bean bags with camo covers. Serve thein food in something like a army mess kit. If you want more realism I think the mess kit can be found at an army surplus-great take home/thank you gift. have camo t-shirt painting. have the guests bring a shirt they don't mind painting and with supervision out side help them paint it.
I'd do the whole drill sargaent(sp) thing with whistle and all. Marching in formation.
I'm sure you can find camo plates and such through They carry full lines of things.
Oh this will be fun.



answers from San Antonio on

Party City has all kinds of army decorations for a birthday. Some of that will include simple games and prizes.



answers from Lubbock on

i saw something really cool at the fair that you could do im just not sure how much it is called battlefield live lubbock.they will come to your looks like a lot of fun for their email is [email protected] phone ###-###-####



answers from Sherman on

You can get the little plastic army hats at walmart and give army men for prizes... have everyone dress in camaflauge there is more out than than you think that is army.... so what do you do to work from home??? just wondering? from Texas,,, L.



answers from Tyler on

I would go to the army surplus store and have a blast!!! You can get tents, sleeping bags, canteens, lanterns, anything army for much less than the same type of items anywhere else. Additionally, they are high quality items. :) Have fun with your party planning!
M. :)



answers from San Antonio on

Hi T.! I think the Halloween theme would be great.You could have the guests come in costumes.Which I think the kids would enjoy.They would be getting an xtra use out of there costumes.You could put Dry Ice in the punch or try pingpong balls and paint them like eyeballs and place them in the punch.You could make your own Bday cake.Make a spider cake and have little spider cupcakes to handout.The kids could help make them( either your kids help bfore the party, or you could have plain cupcakes so the party guests could make there own.)The Idea for the guests making there own would be really great.Kids love to make things especially when it has to do with food.And have different kinds of sprinkles and candies for them to decorate there own spiders. This is also a good way to keep them busy might want to try MARTHA STEWARTS website too. See what kind of ideas she has.

Hope your son has a HAPPY BIRHTDAY ! :)



answers from Austin on

You can call HopALot Moonwalks for inflatables. We don't have an army theme, but we might be able to find something. ###-###-####. Or you canm call Mott with Art for Your Head. She helps us with party planning also.###-###-#### I work for HopALot Moonwalks, so if you're interested give me a call. ###-###-####. Best of luck. I hope we or Mott can help. She's really sweet too.



answers from Houston on

I say go to oriental trading on-line they have a whole section on camo stuff you could use that for the goody bags. Go get some halloween face paint and army up their faces then send them out side for a search and rescue mission (side and Seek)



answers from San Antonio on

Have everyone come in camo gear. It is so populer right now that most people already have some.
1. You can have the kids do a version of face painting but have them "CAMO" up their faces. If they do it themselves with very little help from parents it will be more fun for them.

2. You can do a miny obstacle course.
- jump OVER the limbo stick
- crawl through one of those kids play tubes. I know this is a bad anology but they also use them for the dogs to run through in those dog race contests.
- roll in a pile of leaves...see if you can find them once they are all CAMOed.

3. You could go to an army surplus store & pick up a couple of the freeze dried AMRY meals. I would do it for a taste test kinda thing & have an real food item. They don't taste so great. But boys get into that stuff.

4. You could also decorate with an actual CAMO cape you can get at the ARMY surplus store or make your own with cheese cloth & green dye.

5. You could also do a version of a game we do at baby showers. Take a bowl of rice & put 100 plastic army men in there. Blindfold the kids & see how many men they can pull out of the rice in 30 seconds while blind folded. The one who gets the most wins a prize.

6. If you don't mind them getting wet you could also do water balloon bombing. Divide into two teams, each team gets X number of water balloons. If you get hit your out. The team with the most guys still standing when all the balloons are gone wins.

Just some ideas.
Have fun.



answers from San Antonio on

An army theme is great! Get brown and green face paint and paint their faces in camo. Have all the guests wear their favorite camo clothes. That is so in style now and you can find cheap camo shirts at walmart. You can give army men in gift bags. The party store even has plates and decorations and stuff. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard for the guests to race through and have a marching contest. You could also get water guns and set up a shooting range. Do some research on boot camp and find out what other activities they do there. Sounds like fun. I know my three boys would love it.



answers from Corpus Christi on

There are a few things that could be pretty fun such as letting the kids paint their face with camo paint. They can also play games like capture the flag or do some sort of army themed treasure hunt. Maybe that will help get you started. A little off subject but what kind of work from home do you do. I have been looking for something to do for a while. Any info would be great.

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