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Updated on September 08, 2008
C.T. asks from Stafford, TX
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My 19 year old son was diagonosed with ADHD in the 3rd grade and was recommended for medication. I was a young mother and my beliefs back than was not to medicate but to perhaps keep him active in sports. Well he played football from the age of 7 until his junior year in high school. My son was extremely hyper and I would always get phone called from his teachers and counselors and him being a class clown and not staying on task and being able to focus. I'll try to brief 19 years of history.
His dad and I split apart when my son was two years old and it seemed like when he started school he was out of control. His dad was a part timer in his life and he didn't want to here about his condition; matter of fact he stated to me he must have gotten that from my side of the family(as if he had a recessive trait gene that make him damage goods. My son told me the reason he acted out and felt sad was because he missed his dad and he wanted to stay with him some time too. He also confided to counselor this is what he wanted; so his counselor advise me to try to work with his father toward these arrangements. What a big mistake which caused him more emotional problems because he became a victim of a controling man. Long story short he has gotton himself in trouble with the law and he suffer with depression and has serious anger problems. The weight of the world is definitely on his shoulders and he has no one to turn too. He's shutting everyone out but he's unable to catch hold to life. He's all over the page when it comes to making decisions. He's trying to establish who he is and he's lost and confused. He told me the other day he's tired of people telling him what to do and he feels like he can't do anything right. Well the truth of the matter is; he can't because he is suffering with a chemical imbalance and he think's unrational and he's impulsive. He told me he's afraid he might get hurt because he can't control his anger problems. Over all my son is a well respectful young man who has taken on a lot at an early age and finds it hard to cope. My son is crying out for help he's very troubled and he just turned 19 September 2nd;I'm afraid for him. Please someone give me some referrels for a physiologist because he needs medication alone with counseling. I live in Stafford but I would travel to the ends of the earth to get him help.
Thank you ladies in advance for you response.

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First off, I am so glad that you are able to consider medicine. Mental issues are often medical issues.

Second, is your son covered by any health insurance plan? Many cover psychiatrists and medicines. I am a counselor and know of many fantastic psychiatrists. If you would like, email me and I will look to see who is on your plan.

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There is a great place in Stafford that can point you in the right direction. There is the United Way that works with Deplecin. I don't now the number but they are located off of Murphy. Please contact me via email and I can give you a better location. My brother had the same problem and they were able to help my family a great deal. My brother was final diagnosed with ADHD, depression and bi-polar disorder. Basically a major chemical imbalance. Now that he has the proper medication he is doing much better and has gone on to have a family and work and do everything a "normal person" would do.
Good Luck,

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My 4 year old son has basically started on the path that your son was on. I found that having POSITIVE males around him and spending some good quality family time with him has helped tremendously. I make it a point to take him to the park everyday or even to play @ McDonald's has helped him to listen follow instructions, remain confident and stop acting as the class clown. It seemed when I opened my son's eyes to more culturally aware things he wasn't too focused on DADDY not being there. See if there is a Big Brother Big Sister program in your area or a YMCA. Your son will soon realize it isn't as bad as it COULD be. In my opinion I don't think medication is the way to go at all. if the mind is imbalanced search until you find a vice to balance it naturally i.e. music, fine arts, camping, something!!!

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