Son Stopped Eating Solids at 6Mths After Eating Healthy for 2Mths Straight.

Updated on October 12, 2010
B.B. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
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After getting his 6 mth shots and a half of his flu shot my son got slight fever and seemed to stop wanting solids. Well 3 days after his shots his 1st tooth also peeked through. He now will take cereal again but will not touch the baby food that he LOVED! Im wondering if anyone ever had any experience with this at this age and whether it can be attributed to the teething thats going on or something else. He doesnt seem to be in any type of pain with the tooth coming in, but he also might just be good at not showing it.

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So What Happened?

I guess I should note that the doctors recommend him/6mth olds to be doing solids, cereal started and starting on the flavorful things such as veggies and fruits. The supported sitter stuff, not the actual jar foods.

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answers from Washington DC on

I wouldn't worry , as long as he is taking formula or breast milk on a regular feed schedule then he will be fine. He is only 6months old and many parents are only just starting to offer solids from this point. Go back to the beginning and start over again as though he has never had solids before. He will start to like them again , but a mixture of shots and teeth has made he feel off color.

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answers from Modesto on

WEll, he's only 6 mos old so I'm not sure why you are feeding him jar foods already. I'd just stick with formula or nursing (whichever one youre doing), he should be getting plenty of nutrition. Add some rice cereal to his bottles if you really think he's needing it.... but I doubt going without foods will matter at this point.

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answers from New London on

I wouldn't worry about it my son started solids at 4 months and my daughter at 8 months. Both breastfed babies. They go on strikes every now and then. Just offer but don't force the issue. edited to add: doctors will always say you can start giving your baby babyfood, etc. at 4 months etc. but you don't have to. Just go with your instincts and as long as your baby is getting enough formula or breastmilk at this time you and baby are doing fine.

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answers from New York on

Don't worry it could be the teething. Babies will only take what they need. I would be more concerned if he stopped drinking. Give it a break and then reintroduce. Children will never starve themselves. It could be a combo of things. He is getting his main source of nutrition from his formula or breastmilk.

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answers from Honolulu on

The problem is not that he is not eating solids. He is young. At this age and for the 1st year, "solids" is only an introduction to foods... NOT the main staple.
For the 1st year of life... breastmilk or Formula is a baby's PRIMARY source of nutrition... NOT solids and NOT other liquids. Per our Pediatrician as well.
Continue to nurse him or give Formula if that is what you are doing, on-demand. ALWAYS nurse or give Formula, BEFORE solids.... otherwise, if you give solids 1st before nursing, a baby will 'wean' from breast. You do NOT want this to happen.
A baby, still needs, primarily, breastmilk or Formula... and on-demand.

6 months is also a growth-spurt time... so they naturally increase in nursing frequency and intake amounts.

CONCENTRATE on nursing him or giving Formula... whichever you are doing. On-demand. 24/7. And so that he does not get dehydrated.

A baby, does not need the baby "fruits." That is just sweet and sugar stuff. Primarily, solids should be minimal... NOT 3 times a day... and starting with cereal.... single grain cereal. Then after a few months, veggies either yellow or green veggies... etc.
Again, at this age, the priority should not be only solids nor 3 times a day nor in huge amounts. Otherwise, a baby will wean from breast or Formula. Right now and for the 1st year... breastmilk/Formula is still a primary thing and source of nutrients....

all the best,

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answers from Fort Smith on

He is young right now 6 mth his primary food should be formula or breast milk he is going to get all he needs from that. he is teething already I know but all babies teeth at different ages he wont let himself go hungry I would wait till he is eight months and you can try the cereal again I blend the vegetables up. That I cook I don't put any season on it the baby food jars are high price plus they got all those artificial stuff in there .I got one of those little food processors you can get them sometimes for around six bucks and when I cook I don't use season I take out for him the vegetables and blend them he is even month and he likes them and it gets him eating table food and chewing who says you got to buy all that jar stuff i I think your baby will do fine if he stops taking a bottle or starts losing weight then I'd be worried and take him to the doc



answers from Lawton on

He might be associating the discomfort he had the last time he ate solid food with the taste and texture of the solid food. I know this might sound a bit nutty, but--- try mixing some of the solid food in his cereal. He might begin to reassociate the taste of the food with how he is feeling today. Once he has had his new taste of solid food he ought to be ready to eat it without the cereal.



answers from Tulsa on

I understand your question but he may just need more nutrients right now, maybe a growth spurt, and formula has the nutrients he needs. Baby food has very little nutritional value. It's just to teach them to chew and swallow. If he stops taking less than 24 oz. of formula a day then call the doc, that's serious. As for the food, when he's ready he'll go back to it. Just keep giving him all the formula he needs and he'll grow just fine.

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