Son Stopped Babbling

Updated on April 23, 2011
V.W. asks from Chisago City, MN
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First of all, let me just apologize for asking multiple questions in one day. I know I get annoyed when people do that, especially when the questions are one right after the other as I am doing.

Anyways, my son (6 months) used to babble ALL the time. Seriously, he would "talk" for 10 minutes straight sometimes. Especially, on the weekends since that is when he gets to see his daddy (Daddy lives an hour away for work, and comes up on the weekends). I assume he is telling daddy all about his week. He used to do it when I got home from work too.

However, now instead of babbling he does this thing with his tongue (Sticks his tongue out of his mouth and blows). He'll also sit there and hit the palm of your hand for a really long time (He'll actually hold your hand still with one hand and use his other hand to hit you).

I know he's teething. There's one tooth that is SO close to coming through. Does this have something to do with it, or should I be worried that he's not babbling anymore? I kinda miss him talking to me...

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answers from New York on

With each new activity that they learn, they stop one they had been doing.
My daughter had several words at 10 months, then she started to walk,
talking went out the window! Do not worry.

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answers from Denver on

I wouldnt worry too much. My daughter is 9 months and she was babbling a ton too, until she learned to army crawl about a month or so ago and then the babbling decreased significantly. The babbling has started to increase again. I know that babies often work on one thing at a time and so maybe if they are working on motor stuff, then communication will be on the back burner, and vice versa. Don't worry!



answers from Houston on

I think I would be worried but I am a worry wart about speech and ears.



answers from Milwaukee on

My guess would be that it is related to the teething. The first 1-4 teeth that come in really seem to be the worst. ( At least for my boys it was) My kids blew "raspberries" it helps with the pain. Many kids do that. Bring it up at the next doctor appt. (6 month if you haven't gone yet or if it is still a problem at 9 months) If your son doesn't have any other strange behaviors, like sleeping too much, very lethargic. Then it is not anything that needs immediate attention. So I would give him time, if you are worried about autism, you still have time before it is harder to treat/deal with.
Good luck,



answers from Seattle on

I wouldn't be worried at all...

- He's still doing fine motor & breath control
- He's about to hop into a large motor (most likely) phase

When babies & children work on developmental areas (large motor, fine motor, cognitive, emotional, etc.) they TYPICALLY only "work" on one area at a time. They still do a little bit from the last "segment", but they pour 90% of their energy (to make up a stat) into the "new" area. It creates a "leapfrog" like development chart / creates "development explosions"... instead of a gradual upward line.

((babbling, btw, is mostly fine motor and a little bit of cognitive/auditory processing))

1 will get you 20 your son is about to start crawling.



answers from Minneapolis on

babies go thru more phases than you can shake a stick at-hes only 6 months old..cut em some slack...his attention span is that of a 6 month ol baby-everything is new-try looking thru his eyes-we get use to the day to day stuff-its all brand new to him, everyday is a new adventure.the hand thing..patty cake?...hes using his lil brains...good luck


answers from Hartford on

Your son is normal. As he realizes that he's able to do new and different things he's going to test them all out and concentrate on them one by one. For a while he was testing his voice. Now he's blowing razzberries. Tomorrow he'll probably realize he has feet and start trying to figure out how to get them into his mouth. Wednesday he'll figure out he has this flappy skin sticking out of the side of his head and he'll start trying to pull his ears off. Then he'll scream and rediscover his voice.

Stop worrying.


answers from Sarasota on

My son (almost 5 months) is doing the exact same thing. He hits my hand with one hand alllll the time!! And, instead of talking, he sticks his tongue out or sucks on his lip. He is teething, because I noticed a rash on his face that he's never had before and he's a little more fussy. I would definitely put it on the teething!
The only other thing I can think of that may cause a child to act differently is vaccinations. Did he get shots recently? If so, you may want to look into that.

I wouldn't worry... I think babies at this age are going through a lot of growing and are really curious. So, instead of talking, they may just stare at something or chew their hand.

BTW, don't feel bad about posting questions! That's what this site is here for :)


answers from Sacramento on

He jsut learned to do something new, and hes going to do it as much as he can :) My son is almost 6 months, and did the tongue spitty thign for about a week straight! now he has figured out how to screech, and he and my almost-two-year-old screech at each other and laugh and laugh! The vibrations on his gums might feel good for teething too!

As far as the palm smacking, I think thats super cute :):) Hes just amazing himself by the new things he is learning how to do! Have fun with him! Take his own two hand sand clap them together. He will be so amazed when he can clap his own hands by himself!! :)



answers from Washington DC on

I wouldn't be too concerned at this point. My daughter is 16-months-old and she goes through phases where she's non-stop chatty to days where she "talks" sporadically. She's done this ever since she was about 4-months-old. He's just found something new to do is all and is enthralled with that for the time being.

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