Son Sticks His Hands in His Mouth

Updated on July 15, 2008
C.L. asks from San Antonio, TX
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My 21 month old son constantly puts his hands in his all of his fingers at the same time. Sometimes he even gags himself..I am not sure why he is doing it, I have tried to see if he is getting more teeth but I don't feel any new ones. Any ideas on how to make him stop?

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answers from Houston on

Some kids are very oral, so this can be completely normal. I understand how aggrevating this can be though especially when you're out in public and his hands are full of germs. When he's got his hands in his mouth try to distract him. Singing songs with hand motions is one excellent way because you don't need anything else so you can do it anywhere. Songs like Patty Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and the wheels on the Bus. Although you can come up with hand motions for all nursery songs, etc. He might be hesitant at first but with a little practice and routine I bet you'll be able to get those hands out of his mouth. Also, building with big Legos or blocks are a great way to engage little ones with their hands. Spend some time helping him build by constantly handing him blocks to put into place. The trick is to get him out of the routine of putting his hands in his mouth. So the key is to engage him in an activity that requires him to use his hands. Play doh and finger paints are other great ways to keep his hands busy and it's non toxic if it does get in his mouth.
Good Luck!

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answers from Killeen on

C. - Most kids who stick their finger, hands etc. in their mouth are simply satisfying their need to suck. If you are uncomfortable with him using his hands try giving him a teething ring or a pacifier instead. My guess is if you give him something else to chew/suck on, he will forget about his hands altogether.

Good Luck!!!! ;-)

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answers from Houston on

Hi C.-

My 8 month old puts his whole foot in his mouth!! I'm not sure how old your son is, but why do you want to make him stop? I guess you can try other teething toys and perhaps he'll chew on those instead, but I know all three of my children have sucked or chewed on their hands. When my 8 month old was born he had scabs on both wrists, the doctor said he must have been sucking on his arm in utero and actually caused the sores to form!!

Good Luck,

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answers from Austin on

My son (18 mths) does this as well, only four fingers...but sometimes he leaves bite marks on his fingers. I figure his 2 yr molars are making their way up and out, heard these take a while. Although my neighbor says her 5 year old boy still sticks his hand in his mouth! I always just take his hand out and tell him it's yucky. Pick your battles, biting/hitting/hand sucking? I do it 'cause maybe it is a yucky hand that day but I am not that concerned.
Now if hand flapping around the face accompanies it, have your doc check for other signs of autism. It could be a way to stimulate.

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