Son Needs Braces. No Insurance. Any Suggestions?

Updated on September 23, 2006
P.K. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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My 10 yr old son needs braces. I dont have any medical insurance. Any suggestions? I live in the east side of town. The name of a good but cheap orthodontist would be helpful

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I believe Hoosier Healthwise can help



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Have you looked into medicaid/Hoosier Healthwise program?

My benefits at work are great, but to have family benefits is $553 PER I pay the $170 in fees for my own each month but can't afford to have my son on my insurance or I would have no where to live.

You can apply for Hoosier Healthwise at your local medicaid office and they cover just about 100% of the costs. Because my income exceeds their general limits I pay $33 a month for his package, but doctors visits are free and all of his prescriptions are generally less than $10.

This link will help you get started
Go to the enrollment directory and find a nearby place you can apply. I found a very nice lady at a clinic that helped me deal with the caseworkers at Medicaid, she was a great help, I can also give you her info, just email me and I will find it for you.

I techinically make too much money to have him covered under what he has, so my boss being the great guy he is helped get my check stubs where they needed to be for my son to qualify. Basically as a single mother of one child I couldn't gross more than $2200 a month, regardless of the bills of I pay. I can find the paper if you want me to and see the income limit for 2 kids, but again my boss helped me work through it.



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I used to work for an orthodontist out of state and alot of our patients that did not have ins. used a company called orthodontic fee plan(OFP). They pay the bill in full and you work out a payment arrangement with them. When you go to a doctor for an evaluation ask the financial coordinator about this option. Our patients seemed to like it.



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Try IU Dental school they do require a small down payment but they let you make payments montly until it's paid off.
Good luck



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I work at a dentist office and I do know that you can actually get donated dental services. We have a dentist that takes on one case a year but some orthodontists do it too. To contact them call 1800 dentist and ask for the donated dental services. Or even go to the dental schools. they do great jobs because they have a actual dentist or orthodontist watching over so no mistakes are done. They cost only about 50% of the regular cost. Hope this helps Also try Care Credit it is an interest free credit card just for medical expenses. Go to or call 1800 ###-###-#### they do 3, 6, 12, or 18 month payment plans.

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