Son Keeps Pooping Himself

Updated on September 27, 2008
D.L. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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ok my oldest son who is poptty trained keeps pooping himself. its been goin gon for about 2 weeks now and i have no clue why. one day he will go in the potty and the next he will go in his pants. can anyone help me to try to figure out why he might be doing this.

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So What Happened?

he ended up having a virus that was messing with his tummy

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answers from Tucson on

Actually pretty normal for boys to have poo accidents well into kindergarten. Their reflexes develop more slowly than girls and their ability to judge the timing of a bowel movement takes longer than girls. Be patient, he'll get it. Boys are encouraged to be so active and outside playing. They get so into whatever they are doing that they just tend to lose track of what is going on. I would just encourage him to use the potty a little more often.



answers from Albuquerque on

I totally feel for you. My son just turned 5 and it finally seems like he has figured out pooping in the potty. For the last two years we have tried everything to get him not to poop in his pants and I guess he just had to get a little older. I probably freaked out on him a little too much which may have caused a little anxiety for him about pooping in the potty. If I could do it over again, knowing that boys just take a lot longer to figure it out, I would have just cleaned him up, told him the right thing to do, and left it at that.

He just started preschool and everything seems to be working fine now.

Have patience! I am confident he won't do it forever.



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Hi D., my daughter (now almost 9) didn't want to poop in the potty when she was potty training. She was getting ready to start preschool and I wanted her to be potty trained before she started. So we were having a hard time with this and one day I got so frustrated, I told her "if you can't poop in the toilet you're going to change your own pants and clean yourself". I took the wipies and a clean pullup in the bathroom and gave it to her. It didn't happen again! And she is very stubborn too. Good luck. C. :))



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my daughter will do this sometimes too. at first i thought it was just accidents, then i began to wonder if it was control/ power behaviour. as an example, one day she had wanted to watch a movie and i had told her no, 10 minutes later she had poo in her pants. when i told her it didn't matter to me if she wanted to poo her pants or not, if i said no i meant it, and then i calmly did a load of laundry.
my daughter is 2.5 years old and now has been using this behaviour at her school, and one of the teachers asked me about it. keep a look out for power plays on poopy pants days, and good luck!



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Totally normal - my son who is five just had an accident last week. In my son's case, there is usually something that sparks the behaviour, so be sure to communicate with your son. For example, the transition to kindergarten has been hard for him since none of his pre-school friends were there. So he thought that if he had an accident, they would send him back to pre-school which is where he wanted to be. A loving explanation of why this wouldn't work, and he is back to going on the potty until the next time...


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Does your son get a high fiber diet and enough water every day? This may sound silly, but my son was having the same issue for a good 2 years and we found out he wasn't getting enough fiber...and the ironic thing is I am a fiber QUEEN! make a long story short, after a trip to the doctor we found out he couldn't help himself because his bowels were partially compacted, so when it came time to poop, it was coming out no matter what he did or where he was. I felt so bad when I found out because all those "accidents" were truly that...just accidents -- and we would get SO FRUSTRATED with him. He wasn't pooping himself on purpose, he literally couldn't help it. We up'd his fiber and water intake and PRESTO...problem solved.

Good luck!



answers from Flagstaff on

Is he constipated or too lose? Could he be distracted until it is too late?

Next question: Help with Poopy Training!!