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Updated on February 24, 2009
L.T. asks from Southlake, TX
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I am wondering if anyone has experienced something like this....My 3.5 yo son is having some behavioral issues. He is extremely smart and is mostly a sweet, sometimes sassy normal boy. But sometimes he has bouts of hyperactivity when he seems to be unable to control himself. It reminds me of one time when he had to take oral steroids and he became aggressive (not in a mean way, just loud and wound up) and impulsive (throwing things, screaming for no reason, unable to stop moving). He started getting in trouble at school but not everyday. He either has a good day or a totally bad day. In reaction to the school problems we got serious about figuring this out. We took him off his asthma meds (pulmicort) and have eliminated his naps as they seemed to be interfering with him getting a good nights sleep. last week, after consistently getting 11 hours of sleep each night, the 1st 2 days at school were rough but the last 2 days where great. He hadn't had any of these hyper episodes at home either. Then today he woke up and has been acting out of control (for him) and impulsive. He can't sit still and has been having trouble minding me. His usual behavior is really good so even at his worst people who didn't know him would say he is just a normal high energy kid who needs to go outside and burn some energy, but I know him and it is not his normal. The only thing we can think of is that the past 2 nights he has been very tired when we went to sleep but woke up early only getting about 10.5 hours of sleep.

Could this be AD/HD? Can that come up only every few days or once a week or does it have to be more consistent? My ped is out this week so I am going to talk to him ASAP but wanted to get your opinions.

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answers from Austin on

You might want to keep track of what he eats and see if there in any connection between his diet and his hyperactivity. I'm not saying he's allergic or anything. It could be something as simple as extra sugar/carbs, maybe something with caffeine, or what not. Otherwise, he sounds like a normal 3.5 year old to me. My nephew (just turned 5) still has days like that too.

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answers from Dallas on

Before you drug your child try this, take him to an allergist and see what foods he is allergic to. He may just had cereal with wheat in it and it makes him lose control. Preservatives like hot dogs can set kids off. My daughter was allergic to sweet potatoes and every holiday she was a stinker - wonder why? Milk does bad things too to a kid that is allergic.

We don't want your little guy to be dull and boring. If it is discipline then try and be consistent. If it is not, try this first. Too many kids on meds. I beleive we are trying to wean out our adventurers, our risk takers, etc so our kids will sit still at school and not bother us at home.

Hope this helps. Please don;t mind my advice. Love to you both, C.



answers from Amarillo on

Has he had any other meds? sometimes even nose drops can make some people hyper, and not effect others. Also some foods, drinks etc. can cause this. Espically certain additives. Koo-aid for instance can cause this in some kids.
I always thought ad/hd was everyday, so don't think that sounds like it is the problem. Does he have a yard to play in, so he can run around? Some kids just need outside play time, and even if they have activities inside, it isn't the same. My kids if they got overtired would be (wound up besides grouchy)



answers from Dallas on

sounds like normal 3.5 year old boy to me! heck, my friend's 4 yr old girl who is normally PERFECT has been acting out of control for the last 3-4 days. they all go through phases where they test you more, listen less, and seem to be in a bad mood. Could be as simple as them trying to fight off a virus, being moody about not getting the snack they want, or transitioning out of naps.

Stay consistent, don't get flustered or upset and see if things calm down. It really just sounds like the age... I've been told by my mommy friends that 4 is worse than 3, so maybe he's getting an early start! :)

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