Something to Withhold Infant from Scratching Other than a Sock....

Updated on May 22, 2008
H.L. asks from Bally, PA
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My little boy has eczema and has one patch of skin that he consistantly tries to scratch on his cheek. I do have it covered with gause and a strong tape so he doesn't scratch it during his naps. I also put a sock on his hand. Regardless, he tends to rub so hard that he gets gause and tape off. It isn't healing very fast because every few days he gets at it and scratches to bleeding pt. I managed to get rid of the eczema on the rest of his face with LOTS of lotion. I know I can get rid of this too if only he could leave it alone for awhile. Does anyone have any advice for something to keep him from scratching his face during naps other than a sock? I can't use any stronger of a tape because it leaves marks on his already sensitive poor little face:(! I appreciate any thoughts you have! Thanks so much!!!!

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answers from Philadelphia on

It sounds to me like whatever lotion you've been using may not be working, or working effectively enough. And I doubt the tape is good for the condition. The skin needs to breathe, and is probably making him suffer more.

Have you taken him to see a dermatologist? If so, take him again and tell the dr. you need something stronger.

Chances are even if you tied his hands behind his back (DON'T) he would still be miserable. Please get him to a dermatologist and tell that dr. what you have told us. I feel for him, since he's so little and in misery.

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answers from Erie on

That's a tough one. My thought would be that having the gauze and the tape would be annoying and he would want to scratch at that even more. Plus is there enough air circulation to heal it, if it is covered?? I know that doesn't help you since you say he is already scratching at it.
Is he too big to swaddle??? Why isn't the sock working? could you use masking tape to tape the sock on. Oh or how about this, at least until it gets too super hot, put him in a tight fitting longsleeve shirt (a longsleeve snap crotch onsie would be even better) and either knot it at the wrist so he can't put his hand through or even knot the sleeve at the shoulder so his arm would be at his side under the shirt.
Eczema screams food sensitivity to me. My little neice was miserable because my sil refused to consider the CAUSE of the eczema. I'm sure the doctors are no help since it's easier just to give you a prescription for a cream. Yeah they may grow out of it, but why put your child through that.



answers from Pittsburgh on

they make pajamas w/ things on them to cover up the hands of babys.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I am a partner with a wellness company that has a product called Renew. It's an excellent product it is 7 times better than Eucerin on moisture retention.. Relieves severely dry skin associated with eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, and diabetes. Attract and retain more moisture for softer and healthier skin.



answers from Philadelphia on

Have you tried using some over the counter cortisone on his cheek for a couple of days to see if you can get the rash down? Cortisone will also make it less itchy. If it's bleeding raw, you should talk to your ped. It can get infected if it's open. They will probably want to prescribe something to keep it under control. Good luck. I know this is probably breaking your heart to see...



answers from Lancaster on

I have severe eczema on my foot and the best thing is a prescription cream from the doctor. It will usually clear up in a day or two. Eczema can come back anytime so make sure you use the cream at the onset of it to prevent it from getting really itchy.

Good luck



answers from Allentown on

i have a 6 month old daughter who has eczema. i too have been doing the whole lotion thing on her. she had a bright red patch on the back her head when she was born. we just thought it was a birth mark. well she started scratching it open and it turned bright red. i tried putting hydrocortizone lotion on it. her doctor ended up having to give me a prescription. she said from her scratching that it got infected. since then she hasn't had a problem. hope this helps.




answers from York on

Hi H.
my oldest son had horrible eczema when he was an infant (still does, actually, but not as bad). None of the over the counter lotions worked for him...eucerin, or even otc cortizone creams. We had to see a dermatologist, who gave us a steriod based prescription cream. The patches on his face were also very bad....from scratching, they would get infected! The only thing that ever worked for us (to clear it up quickly) was to use the prescription faithfully every day. Also....possible my son got older, he said that the creams that we put on him were burning his skin! From then on, our dermatologist has given him an ointment based prescription....and even though it is a little bit messier, it has worked wonders. Also, I think maybe the tape would irritate his skin....I know you are trying desperately to keep him from scratching, but maybe the tape is making matters worse? Get to a dermatologist (especially one who does pediatrics) and you will all be much happier campers! good luck!



answers from Scranton on

Do you use a steriod cream for his ezema? I have to for my little boy. it has a VERY strong anti itching component! It's a prescription that you can get through your pediatrician. I can't think of what it's actually called but it starts with a T

that's all I can suggest!! I know how awful it is though.

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