Something Keeps Biting Me....

Updated on October 02, 2012
K.B. asks from San Diego, CA
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Do Mosquitos come out during the day and bite? And if not, what could be biting me that flies around?

It is hot outside and whenever I go outside and sit on the porch I feel this thing bite me. I look to see if it's a flea, but we have treated both our house and yard for fleas, as have the neighbors. I notice something small and what looks to have an orange type body flying around me and it seems to be what is biting me. I have come in with bites all around my ankles and once came in with bites around my bra strap area. It's to fast for me to catch or slap, but I'm getting tired of it. What could I do to get rid of this pest?

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies. That critter in that photo looks like exactly what I see flying around. I wonder if I could get the city to treat the area for it. My neighbors have been noticing the biting too. We initially associated it with fleas, as everyone around us has been having the same issues. We didn't have a flea problem last year this time, or any other. This must be new to our area. Even my dog is scratching more than usual and he is on Trifexis and we have never had an issue with fleas.

S.H. I'm positive that they are bites around my strap. I had to treat it with cortisone and it got better after a few days. And the bites around my straps started while I was outside in the evening and I started itching right there while I was sitting there. It was a cool night that night.

Oh...and it isn't ants. I definitely would have seen one of those guys, as often as I've gotten bitten this past week or two. I also haven't seen any around. :0)

*****EDIT: I just read up on midges and it said that they do not bite. I wonder if it is then Mosquitos. Ugh...I'm so scratchy with this! Lol

*********EDIT II: Okay, so there are biting midges and that's what it is biting me. I read using eucalyptus oil wil help keep them at bay, but how would I treat the animals with eucalyptus? And some transmit disease. They are referred to Ceratopogonidae's. from what I read, a subfamily of the midge.

Thanks ladies, for helping me figure this one out. You all pointed me in the right direction. :D

Hi Victoria W...these things are very small. I don't see it flying it around me but I feel the little bite n when I go to see what it is, it's gone. I barely caught a glimpse of it when one landed on my shirt sleeve. I then saw the orange like color. But it flew off so quickly. When I look at where I was bitten, there isn't anything there, not even a bite mark. But my neighbor said her daughter keeps getting bitten and they are welts. Which is what I had near by bra strap on my shoulder. That was the only time I had markings of the bites.

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100's of biting insects. I would say it could be a small sweat bee, if could be a fly, if could be a asian beetle. In Florida they call them No-seeums. Which are a variety of midges. Like the lady below says.



answers from Honolulu on

Only female mosquitoes bite.
They are not orange.
Yes the bite during the day too.
I get bitten at all hours.

Try catching that orange thing you see flying around and take it to your local garden store or something and they might know what it is or to your local university agriculture/insect dept.? Here in my State, we can take bugs to them and they ID it for the community etc.

The Midge info below from Angeles T. sounds like it might be a midge?

Ants... also bite. ( I say this because you said you get bites around your ankles). Some ants are VERY small.

The skin irritation around your bra strap area... are you sure it is bites? Or just skin/heat rash???

Try... getting a Fly strip paper to catch whatever is flying around and then maybe you can identify what is flying around?



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sweat bees don't bite or sting, but there are lots of midges and little things that bite -- like MartyMomma said -- 100s.

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