Someone to Install Cable in Another Room - Not Cable Provider?

Updated on February 08, 2007
K.F. asks from Frisco, TX
4 answers

Does anyone know if there is someone that can come out and install a new cable outlet in another room in my house, that is not my cable company (Time Warner).

We just bought this house and for some reason the 3 spare bedrooms don't have cable outlets. It seems expensive to have time warner come out and install just 1 new outlet (over $60).

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I would have to agree with Casey...My hubby used to work for the cable/sat companies. That is a fair price for adding that many outlets. It is not as easy as it looks to do outlets especially wall fishes.



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Not to upset you, but my hubby does cable and satelite work and $60-75 is the average price. If he has to do a wall fish (usually needed to install a new outlet), it is on average $75.00. It takes time, they have to usually crawl on their knees in an attic, it takes tools, and someone to take their time and not punch holes all over your room.

If you have Time Warner come out, ask how much it is for a wall-fish, in case it is in addition to the trip charge. If you are getting it for $60, take it!!



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Try Foltz Electric -

Foltz Electric
1012 S Main St
Farmersville, TX 75442

Todd Foltz has done several jobs for my parents, myself and others we know :)



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i just had the same problem in our new house. I cannot believe they lacked to put cable outlets in places like that. I had time warner come out and the guy was here for almost 3 hours installing the additn'l outlet. I was told that on top of the charge they add an hourly charge. It came to about $75.00. It is really ridiculous!!!!

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