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Updated on March 04, 2013
S.S. asks from Seattle, WA
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Hi Ladies,

I have been looking for work, unsuccessful , so I am looking to have my resume professionally worked on so it can help me
land a job. I have tons of experience including volunteer when i wasnt working, but i think I am not wording it properly.
Any personal recommendations.?

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answers from Kansas City on

Whenever I was laid off (3 times now) I sign up with as many staffing agencies as possible. Out of my 4 grown up jobs, 3 of them were found through a staffing agency and the one I have now is great. I've been laid off at the most 1 month, at the least 1 week and I credit it with pounding the pavement and applying at staffing agencies. I apply online to the ones I like and generally get a call back quickly.

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answers from Appleton on

Contact your local state job service or employment office and ask if they offer resume services.

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answers from Washington DC on


It makes it hard to answer this question when I don't know your background.

You need to look at the position description you are applying for and work your resume around that. Does it mean you would be revising your resume frequently? Maybe...unless you are staying in the same line of work.

Your resume should be no more than 2 pages long.
It should have RELEVANT the position.
ACTION words are important - not "assisted with", etc.

Your local unemployment office should be able to help you put your resume together.

Good Luck!! It's a TOUGH market out there. You have to have a GREAT resume to get their attention - and volunteer work can capture a recruiters attention - IF it is relevant to the job you are seeking.

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answers from Des Moines on

I agree with the others...the unemployment office or your cities work force is a great start.

Also, when I was looking for a job, a 3 or my 5 interviews were with companies that I cold called....yes, called and sent them my resume stating exactly how my qualifications fit their company. And take things from their website and in your cover letter show them how you have experience in those areas. The job I ended up getting was with a company thinking of hiring, and their only interviewee was ME!

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answers from Norfolk on

Join the club!

I'm being laid off in 2 weeks and with sequestration in progress lot's of employers in my area are letting employees go.
I've got an immediate several thousand people to compete with for the jobs in the few places that are hiring.

There are resume writers out there - Google it.
You should be able to get a good re-write for roughly $50-$100.
I've got a resume with about 4 pages worth of experience but I've got to get it down to 2 pages of relevant experience.
I've been advised that any experience over 10 yrs old is generally too old to use.
If you can narrow down what positions you are aiming for, only include the experience which is relevant/close to what they are looking for.
It's common to have several resume's that you've customized a few different ways.

Take a look at:

You can create searches against several job search engines in one place and track your job search efforts.

I haven't had to look for work in 27 years (I've been employed since college).
Applying online didn't even exist back in the day.

Hang in there and good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Local state employment office. They have free seminars and counselors who will help you. Look online for resume worksheets. You want to highlight what you did, what problem you solved, and if you can quantify it - like improved sales 15% in a 6 month period - that info is very valuable. Dates should be included but not highlighted - end of sentence, in ().

Talk to everyone you know. Let your social networks know you are looking. And do research on the companies in your area you'd like to work with. Send hard copy in a flat envelope to the right person and follow up. Paper can impress, especially now in the days of e-mail.

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answers from Washington DC on

who have you asked so far?



answers from Cumberland on

At our local, state run, unemployment office, there is a guy who will help you write a resume using all your past experiences and all your skills; that said, I would think you would have an even greater opportunity for free assistance with this as you live in a major metropolitan area-good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Check the local employment (unemployment) office. They have a lot of services for job seekers! Also, I used a service called Right Management. google them to see if there is one near you. They are some kind of business chain. They are pricy (a former employer paid for it as part of a severance package) but they help with resume to interview and job prospecting skills.
I really was impressed and still use the tips they gave me today (well, not today as I am not looking for a job, but when I am ready, I'll use all their tips).
I recommend NOT using a resume only company. The benefit is being coached on how to look for a job and being successful once you get in there. Someone who just tailors your resume may not offer that level of service.
Also, get some help with online applications. THere are key words and other things that those online application services look for. I read a great article about key words. So for example if in the job listing it says "strategic" and in your resume or application you use the word "planned" it won't pop on their software even if it is the same skill. So mirror terms used in the job listing. Sadly, many larger companies no longer accept print resumes or mail for that matter and use these filtering software applications to narrow the field.

GOOD LUCK!! you can do it!


answers from Hartford on

Look for local temp agencies and recruiters.



answers from Pittsburgh on

These places are called Employment them in your town.

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