Solar Vs. Acrylic Nails

Updated on February 04, 2011
A.B. asks from San Antonio, TX
9 answers

I am going to have my nails done and do not know whether to get acrylic, or solar nails. What is the difference? Is one better than the other? What do you (friends or family) use, and why?

Thanks for the help! A.

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answers from Houston on

I use the pink solar on mine. It looks clear and natural. I have the solar put on over my own nail (no tips) and then a clear gel over that. That way you see my nail instead of having then painted. I do not like the regular acrylic because it is not as strong as the solar. Not a lot of places still use it. I also do not like the gel alone as it is not as strong as solar either. I have 2 in diapers so my hands spend a lot of time in water (being washed). That usually makes the acrylic or gel weak but it doesn't bother the solar. I have mine done every 2 weeks and never have an issue. Try a good place to begin with, esp if you are getting tips added to. What part of town are you in. If you are in the south of Houston area, there is a place called Bay Colony Nails at 45S and FM646 that does a great job with tips, with solar over them and gel over that. Gives a very natural look. They also have a place in south shore harbor. Good luck - enjoy.



answers from Houston on

Regular old acrylic- They can paint them a color, or they can paint on a french manicure. The color rubs off of the end, and the french paintjob will yellow, and just kind of get icky. But they have to be painted in some form or fashion.

Colored acrylic-the powder is acutally colored, but, you are stuck with that color until you redo them. But, the ends won't have the color rubbing off....many different colors to choose from, at some salons, anyways.

Solar- that's what I do. They actually use 2 different powders, a pink on the bed of the nail, and a white on the tips. Bright white if you want the "french" manicure, and they can do a less bright white, the "american" if you want the more natural look. And, you can paint them if you choose, and the white doesn't fade and get all crazy looking. I think most women these days do the solar!!

Hope that helps!!



answers from Houston on

I prefer the solar as most of the women do. It is a little more expensive at most salons, but worth it in my opinion. The solar does look a little more natural and is MUCH stronger. I think in the 2 or 3 years that I've been getting mine done at my current salon, I've only broken a nail maybe twice and I feel like I am pretty tough on mine. Also, with solar you have the option of getting colors (pink, blue, purple, etc.) in the tips, or you if you get french, most shops also have a couple of different white powders with glitter in them.
Good Luck and have FUN with it!! =)



answers from College Station on

Hi A.,

As a woman who is considered "too prissy", I get mine done with solar. My nail tech is the one who switched me over. Yes it is a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for. I think solar is a better quality. I work in the cell phone business. So I am constantly being rough by having to open up phones and boxes. When I was getting acrylic, I saw my tech at least once per day to replace 1-3 nails. When she switched me to solar the first month, I don't care how many batteries I had to pry of the phones. I don't care how many boxes I had to open. My nails were a lot stronger and could take the pressure. I would recommend it to everyone.



answers from Houston on

Hey A.,
I do solar when I get mine done. (I wish I could get them done ALL the time, but it gets a bit expensive to keep up with!!! So I only get them occasionally) I waited tables for 5 years so I was very rough on my hands and never had a problem with them at all. They are very strong and durable. Enjoy being pampered when you go get them done!!! :)



answers from Houston on

I've been having my nails done for about 3 years now. I personally prefer solar because they are more durable, and being a mom I put mine through the test! They stay pretty, bright, and shiny the whole time.

I usually get the downplayed version of a French manicure, I've heard it called American, Off-White, or Pearl. It's more natural looking. I usually get square tips, but you can do them rounded as well with no problem.

In the past, when I'm feeling up for something special, I've gotten the glitter powder instead of the pearl, and it's very pretty and surprisingly subtle. I've also done baby blue tips, but my shop had a choice of about 12 tip colors other than the normal.

I love having lots of options, and prefer to leave my nails 2 colors instead of completely painted (which chips and fades anyway!) so I would recommend the solar!



answers from Houston on

I have been using soloar since the product was introduced. I prefer solar because it looks more natural. I have been please with the ladies at Radiance Nail and Spa on Bay Area Blvd. All of the ladies in that salon does beautiful work, however, my preferences are Paige, Nancy or Christine. Tell them you want american nails (off-white tip with natural pink base and squared. I get compliments on my nails constantaly, even when I am on vacation. Radiance Nail ###-###-####. You will be very pleased. The salon is very clean and they all take great pride in their work.



answers from Houston on

Correct me if I'm wrong....but, I was told that "Solar" IS an acrylic nail. Its one in the same. "Solar" is a brand name. You can confirm my thought by calling any beauty supply retailer, such as Sallys Beauty Supply.
I asked the same question to my nail tech years ago when the whole Solar product line came out.

Good Luck in your venture,
Hope your nails turn out Rockin'!!!

M. :)


answers from Mobile on

i have been getting my nails did for a while now and i really prefer acrylic nails and to me they are the same thing you still have to get the acrylic powder put on your nails, so you might as well say they are the same thing

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