Sofa for Overweight People

Updated on December 27, 2012
C.B. asks from Dallas, TX
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We are in the market for a new living room sofa. Ours is over 10 yrs old and so sad looking. The truth is, my husband and I are overweight and we need a sofa with a sturdy frame and firm cushions that will not give way. I realize that the sofa won't last another 10 years in tip-top shape with all of the weight on it, but I'd like to get my money's worth and have it for at least five or seven. Are there any of you families out there with a similar physical situation that swear by your sofa? What brand and make/style is it and store where you purchased it, please? Thank you! (Oh, we're looking at leather, but please reply if you have a different fabric, too)

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answers from Peoria on

My MIL swears by Flexsteel furniture, and it should last you longer than 5-7 years. She says it's the best, durable, high quality.

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answers from Seattle on

I have

- 250-300lb hockey players (not only related, but half the team)
- footballers
- rockband members
- a dog
- and a PLEASE use the couch as a piece of gymnastics equipment House Rule (now 10yo and his friends, 5 ADHD kids (mine plus cousins), and all of the aforementioned adults) climbing, bouncing, and wrestling on the couch.

It looks brand new

It's 11 years old.

Its RC California
$3,000 (not cheap)
Down wrapped cushions
(3 zippered sitting on cushions, 5 zip on back cushions).

I unzip the cushions and wash as needed. Generally every 6 weeks or so. Zipped off a d tossed in the machine.

I unzip the DOWN WRAPPERS and wash/dry them twice a year. Tennisballs are glorious things. Hullo LOFT.

Haven't needed to restuff them, yet, but most people do @ 5 / 10/ or 15 years, that have similar couches. So it'll probably be 15.

The ONLY thing I'm unhappy about is my fabric choice. I should have done the velvet. The 70yo velvet chair is still new looking. The 11yo velvet cushions (contrast) on my couch are gorgeous. But I didn't get an all velvet couch... So now I have to "shave" it when the fabric pills up. Grrr. I'll recover it someday (in velvet! Lesson learned).

But really... Its super sturdy to begin with... And then being able to wash the components regularly (and refluff!) keeps it looking new DESPITE the hockey players wrestling, kids jumping on, no one under 200lbs regularly sitting on it, etc.

One of my best investments, ever. We only made 40k a year at that point... So it really was a sacrifice at the time. But I had a friend w 6 boys, roughhouse rules, and gorgeous furnishings... And she set me on them. (I bought mine at Greenbaum in Bellevue WA... But there are many dealers).



answers from Appleton on

When you go shopping only look at furniture that has a lifetime guarantee on the frame. Ask to see the frame from under the furniture. If they won't take off the scrim at the bottom there is something they don't want you to see. Make sure the frame is hardwood not particle board.

I have a friend who repairs furniture, he told me that a good well built sofa will cost $5000. It actually may be better for you to look for a really good sturdy used couch and have it recovered. In the past 20 - 30 years frame quality on funiture has gone way down. If you find a nice piece with a good solid frame and good springs and then get it recovered in a nice fabric it will last a lot longer than most of the stuff you can buy new.


I found a loveseat about 8 yrs ago in a thrift shop, paid $2 for it. My friend looked at it and said it has 8 way hand tied springs (best you can get) the frame is solid and the cushions are in good shape considering it is probably from the '80's. It just now needs new fabric.


answers from Kansas City on

Our flexsteel has lasted awhile now. We've only had it for 5 years but still in good shape but be sure to get the 'right' material. I think the frame of this brand is sturdy.



answers from Columbus on

Flexsteel! We've been married 19 years and still have the chair, sofa and loveseat my husband bought before we even met! We have spotcleaned the upholstery but that's about all we've done. The cushions are still very firm and have never been replaced.

As for my furniture, I had a dainty little Early American sofa I had to get rid of because of him!

Good luck!

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