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Updated on March 25, 2008
H.M. asks from Anna, TX
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Hi, everyone! I am trying to remain upbeat, so I will try to keep this short. My husband and I were BOTH laid off 7 months ago. We have been going to interviews, posting for jobs, etc, and still neither of us has a job. Now, we have NO income, but we still have bills. The agencies that we have called for help to pay for the utilities, mortgage, or any kind of help say that their funds are gone. They suggested that we contact a church. However, we do not attend church, so I don't even know the first place to call. I hope someone out there knows a church that could be of assistance, or maybe a social service office that I may have missed. I have never been in this position before. Both of us have always worked. Now we are so close to homelessness that it scares me! **Update: I live in Collin County, City of Anna, and I don't have any stocks or bonds, home equity or money in a car that I could sell. Thanks for your help!

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for all of your job recommendations & help organizations!! I looked into all of the responses, and now my husband was offered a job to start this coming Monday!! I am closer to finding a part-time job. Everything is looking up. Thank you for your help and your prayers!

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answers from Dallas on

Try Catholic Charities. You don't have to be Catholic. They might be able to help you or direct you to where to could get assistance. HMM, What about Planned Parenthood? They deal with those in dire financial straits all the time. Good Luck!

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answers from Abilene on

Try the Salvation Army -- I think they have resources for people in your situation. They may also be able to help you with some day labor type of jobs. I think you can also call 411 from a land line and it will put you to an agency that can help you find the type of agencies you need. Or at least you can from the Abilene area.

The next step would to be just start calling the larger churches. The smaller ones probably won't have the resources but I know some "large" churches have programs set up specifically for people in your situation and they do not require that you be a member.

Did you call the Medicaid office as well??? They can direct you where to go as well.

Good Luck.

If you need anything more specific, just send me a message.

Best of Luck.

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Oh my goodness H., I am so sorry that you & your family are going thru this! I am a Catholic, and I agree with Patricia about trying the Catholic Charities. Call one of your local Catholic churches....they will help you if they can, and if not, then they will lead you the right direction.

I just wanted to say that I will keep y'all in my thoughts/prayers, and I know that GOD will make something happen. Even if you do not attend church, you can still have FAITH and lean on God for comfort and guidance. He will get you out of the situation.

Good Luck & Blessings....

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H., Been there done that. Still pulling ourselves out of the hole that 2007 created. Are you in Frisco? Frisco Family services is a great resource for help if you live in Frisco or your kids go to FISD. They will help pay soime bills and allow you to go thru the foodpantry based on your situation.

Are you in danger of having no where to live? McKinney has a homeless shelter.

My husband company may still be hiring. Its only $10 per hour but if one of you were hired, it would be a start.

Feel free to email me at

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Dear H.,

You and your family are in my prayers! I recommend Richardson East Church of Christ ###-###-####. You would need to call and make an appointment. Richardson East Church of Christ has wonderful, loving people their that can encourage you and help you. I think one of the elders and his family live in Anna, Texas and drive to Richardson East Church of Christ to go to church. I highly recommend visiting the church on Sunday morning too!

May God Bless You! God Loves You!

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answers from Dallas on

A few questions that might be able to get a few more answers for you...
1.) What area/ county do you live in?
2.) Do you have any stock or bonds that can be liquidated for income?
3.) could you sell a car and make do with one at the moment?

I go to one of the BEST churches in the DFW area- LakePointe in Rockwall. We have SOME sources available, but the same answers above will need to be answered for them as well. Feel Free to Contact me with the information that I have asked and I will see what my church can do for your family. During this time consider gaining employment at Lowe's or Home Depot- both of which have benefits and flexible hours to work around your family schedule that would be able to keep you from using daycare.
You may also try to contact Gary Shepard of New Hope Financial Services ( Gary Shepherd, 701 E. I-30, Rockwall, TX 75087 ###-###-#### ) to see what he knows of that the church might be able to help out with.

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answers from Dallas on

Please call Texas 211 Info Line, thats it just dial 211 and they will direct you accordingly or call ###-###-#### and tell them what you are needing. Also go to its a great service. I also atttend Fellowship Church of Grapevine, their # is ###-###-####

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In the interim .. can one of you just get a job at a department store, Walmart, target .. anything just to bring in some much needed cash? I know, it may not be your ideal job ... but money is money and at this point, I'm sure anything can help.

Sorry you're going through this!!!

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