Social Security Number, Not Card, Lost with Husband's Wallet

Updated on September 19, 2011
P.B. asks from Austin, TX
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Husband lost his wallet yesterday & just got back from viewing security tapes @ store (he was on tape, wallet dropped, he left, lady behind him might've picked it up but inconclusive). Anyway, finished ordering new ATM card + Visa card. That was all of value (besides driver's license which has no SSN) except for his Civil Air Patrol card which he knows had the SSN on it (ARGH!)

What do we do now? I have been wanting to get Lifelock because they do all the steps for you in case your identity is stolen. Anyone go through this before or have advice?

Thanks! I need some help!! :/
*Thanks for the answers so far! Would changing your SSN have ramifications for future credit, current house loan, etc? This is a new concept for me, but we're considering it...

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So What Happened?

Again, THANK YOU for all the help, info, advice. This really steamed me because husband is forever losing his keys + daughter is starting to be just like him (thankfully she is better with keys). HE is going to have to make ALL the calls, as it is his SSN, ATM card, etc, so that is a relief, I hate to make calls.

We have already received replacement VISA and are awaiting the new ATM card. All seems to be well.

I never considered changing SSN -- had never heard about it, except on here. Then I posted on facebook and a friend said her ex-husband had a guy with a very similar name get hold of her husband's SSN -- and I did read the site mentioned below & apparently only in extreme cases would this be allowed.

The reason I would want Lifelock (or something similar) is because, even though you can put an alert on yourself, it only lasts for 90 days & then you'd have to do it yourself, ad infinitum. Lifelock does that for you. It is costly but I am already paying 7.99 each for 2 credit cards to monitor (have a hard time saying 'no' and didn't realize both cards had it) -- I could cancel that & have the $ to do LL.

Also -- I read article which did a survey on "which is the best ID theft company" and they said 1) Identity Guard Protection 2) All Clear Pro ID 3) Identity Force were the top 3.

I feel as if the cash ($10) was stolen, the wallet dumped (hopefully) but you never know. I told hubby to do dumpster-diving but CVS showed him there was just too much trash out there, etc. They did allow him to view tapes.

Thanks again!!!

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answers from Dallas on

We have not had identity theft but we've experienced fraud on a credit card that was stolen.

We went to the 3 main credit reporting agencies and filed a security alert on our accounts. With this alert, ANYONE, ,requesting credit via a loan, credit card, etc.... the agency will NOT cooporate until they speak with you and you verify all information if you are or are not applying for some form of credit.

Also, I agree with another poster... GO don't call the SS office. I know it is a pain in the rear but I'd rather speak person to person and not get the run around on a phone line. It would be worth your time to go.

Good luck and who knows, maybe this person will turn the wallet in somewhere and you will get a welcomed phonecall!

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answers from Los Angeles on

As far as Lifelock the people i know who have had it have it no more, it wasn't worth it to them.

Just to clarify, you CANNOT get a new social security number because this one has been lost or stolen. In order for the SSA to assign you a new number you MUST first have done all you can to fix the problems resulting from misuse of his Social Security number and someone still is using his number. Thus, you would need to wait to see if it is fraudulently used, try to fix the mess and then proceed to request a new number.

This information is per the Social Security Administration itself, along with more information on identity theft and your social security #:

Also, keep in mind that a new number probably would not solve all the problems should the number be fraudulently used. This is because other governmental agencies (such as the IRS and state motor vehicle agencies) and private businesses (such as banks and credit reporting companies) likely would have records under the old number. Also, because credit reporting companies use the number, along with other personal information, to identify his credit record, using a new number does not guarantee a fresh start. This is especially true if his other personal information, such as his name and address, remains the same, which in all likelihood it would.
And even though the old information would still be attached to him, if he did receive a new Social Security number, he wouldn't be able use the old number anymore.

For some victims of identity theft, a new number actually creates new problems. If the old credit information is not associated with the new number, the absence of any credit history under the new number may make it more difficult for him (and you by association) to get new credit.

I know, TMI, but I wanted you to know exactly what to expect. So sorry this happened, I'll be praying that an honest person turns it in or mails it to you. This is what happened when my sister had her wallet stolen right out of her hand, they took the cash, threw the wallet in some bushes, and a Good Samaritan found it and mailed the wallet, along with a note, intact to her just minus the cash.

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answers from Washington DC on

dont' spend the money on can monitor your credit reports are entitled to one free credit report per year - you are also allowed to put a fraud notification on your credit report - no new credit will be issued unless they speak to you directly.

You may not get a new SSN - I'm not sure who told you that - but you can't. You can contact your local social security office and let them know that his number has been compromised so that IF someone SHOULD try to submit a claim under his social it will be flagged.


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answers from Cincinnati on

go to your local SS office. You can request a new number (you can request a new one three times I think)

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answers from Appleton on

Did you call the store or police department to see if anyone turned in the wallet? There are honest people out there and it is quite possible that the wallet was turned in intact.

Before you hit the panic button repeatedly check to see if it is sitting there waiting for your hubby to pick it up.

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answers from Portland on

If you didn't report the loss/theft to the police, I urge you to do so now. If someone tries to use your credit card it will be helpful to have a report on file.

You cannot get a new ss #. You should report the loss/theft to the 3 credit reporting agencies so that they can put a block on your account.

Unless the person who picked up the wallet is experienced with forming a false identity they are not going to use his ss #. They just want the cash and the credit/debit cards. If they aren't used in the next 24 hours it's likely that they won't be.

I've lost my wallet a couple of times and no one has ever used my cards. The cash was all they wanted.

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answers from Washington DC on

You cannot get a new SSN number.
All you can do is monitor your credit reports for a few months.

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answers from Provo on

Lifelock apparently isn't as great as we all would hope. I asked a question on here if it would be worth it, and it was a unanimous NO. Tonight get online and get the info on how to change your number and tomorrow go to your local SS office (it's easier to go to them rather than talk on the phone) and get your number changed.

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