Social Security Card?

Updated on December 14, 2010
A.K. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Hi - my 8-month-old son still hasn't received a SS card. I signed up for it in the hospital right after giving birth, and I just can't believe it takes this long! My 3-year-old's card definitely didn't take this long, although I can't remember the exact time it took. Is anyone else still waiting? Or should I be calling the SS Administration?

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone who responded! You all confirmed my suspicions that it was taking way too long! I went to the SS admin building, only to find out that he has a social security number, but we never received the card. I had a somewhat pointed discussion with the lady about how ridiculous it is that they don't use registered mail or signature required mail for social security cards because I have no idea if someone stole the card out of the mail and is using his SS#. She just stated that they get too many returned cards in a day to be able to track them. Ridiculous! Anyway, I had to provide a second form of identity (birth certificate was the 1st form) by going to his clinic and getting a document that shows proof of name, age, parents, etc. SO FRUSTRATING!! I did get his #, and the card should arrive in the mail soon. Fingers crossed! Thanks again for your advice!

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answers from Omaha on

I had my baby last November so things could have changed but I had mine before Christmas. I think it was about 3 weeks. If I was you I'd call or go down to the SS office and speak with someone.



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughters didnt come right a way either. I signed up for it in the hospital and it says it should take up 13 weeks. I waited 14 and it still didnt come so I just went to the office. I got it a week after going in the office. It was just faster. Just go to the office...

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answers from Milwaukee on

You should have gotten it. i would be looking into that.



answers from Minneapolis on

We got ours in a week or 2. I would look into it.



answers from Chicago on

Call. It shouldn't take this long. We had to call because our baby was born on 12/10 and we needed the number to file our taxes. Lo and behold the hospital had never even sent it in and we had to redo it! We got his SSN 2 days before taxes were due.


answers from Oklahoma City on

you need to call them, i've never heard it taking this long, sure didnt' for my daughter or even for a replacment for mine



answers from Boise on

Call, mine took 2 weeks, for my 2.5 yo, and my 7mo.



answers from Minneapolis on

call ss and ask them-hospitals are so busy it just may have been overlooked.never depend on someone to do for you that you can do for yourself.good luck



answers from Eau Claire on

Yes you should be calling... I have 3 kids and it didnt take that long for any of them!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I would call. I had my son in cambridge, mn last year and they actually messed up his birth certificate as well. It took me 15 months to get all of his documents. They didnt even put his father's name on the birth certificate. we had all the notorized paper work from the hospital but it turns out they never sent it in. Maybe its the MN hospital systems?



answers from Las Vegas on

I would call the SS Administration to check the status. My concern would be that someone stole it out of the mail and maybe using it illegally.



answers from Cincinnati on

yes call!there is no way it should take this long. I had my son's when hee was two weeks old



answers from Chattanooga on

I would call... I got my DDs by the time she was 2 months.


answers from Houston on

It doesn't take that long, so yes call. My child's got lost and they had to reissue him a new card. My only hope is some jerk didn't get his first one and is now destroying his credit.



answers from McAllen on

Yes, it has been way too long.



answers from Minneapolis on

Hahaha... funny you ask!! I did the same thing and signed up right after I had him at the hospital!! He is 4 and I am still waiting!!
My husband is in the military we HAD to have our sons ss number for everything and after I had not seen it in 4 months or so I called the ss office and they inform that it had been mailed out 2 months prior, I asked if they could send a new one... they said no I'd have to go to the ss office and order a new one!! Just what every new mom wants to do take thier newborn to a place like that. Anyway I went and I waited (forever) till my number was called and was told that I was misinformed that I need to have 2 forms of id (not just his birth certificate), including a picture ID.... WHAT he is 4 months old!! Needless to say I have yet to get a ss card for him, they printed off his number for me and that is all that I have. I know that I need to get back down there and get the card, but it was such a mess I know that I was being jerked around in every direction and well he is only 4.... still no picture ID!!! (I know that can not be a true policy!!) I'd call the SS department and see what is going on.... BEST OF LUCK!! = )

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