Soccer Snacks....Need Something Different

Updated on March 09, 2010
T.T. asks from Denton, TX
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It's our weekend to bring soccer snacks for our four year old.

Last week the coaches wife had the greatest snack, she mixed teddy grahams, gold fish, marshmallows, raisins in the cutest cups ever.. So I thought I'd go to the experts.

Getting away from Rice Krispi treats and granola bars any great ideas!!! With her starting school Kindergarten I would love to get some great snack ideas too. Healthy snack ideas..

I hope everyone is having a great week.

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Along with the cold treats, my mom use to freeze green grapes. They turned kinda icy. My brothers and I LOVED them! She would wash them, take them off the vine and put them in ziploc baggies in the freezer. When we wanted a snack, we would just go to the freezer and get a bag of grapes!

You could freeze them and then put them in a cooler to keep them until it is snack time.

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I got this off of They have some cute ideas. I know what you mean about the cute little cups, ect. I love having cute ideas that the other moms talk about! I don't care if they get thrown in the trash!
You could put other things in the bag besides what the suggest.

1 oz. KRAFT Cheddar Cheese, cut into bite-sized pieces
1/4 cup whole strawberries, stems removed, quartered
1/4 cup seedless red or green grapes, cut in half

PLACE cheese in 1 side of resealable sandwich-size plastic bag; loosely tie pie cleaner or twist tie around middle of bag. Place fruit in other end of bag; seal bag, then twist pipe cleaner tightly to separate cheese from the fruit.
CURL ends of pipe cleaner to resemble antennae of a butterfly.
REFRIGERATE until ready to serve. Untwist pipe cleaner, leaving bag sealed. Gently shake bag to mix fruit and cheese. Open bag and enjoy!

Pinwheels are always good too. A tortilla spread with cream cheese or another spread, add chopped ham, veggies, fruit, whatever they may like. Roll up and slice for a bite sized snack. You could go to Michael's and get little Chinese "take-out" containers and put them in it.

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Our baseball team loves individual gatorades and orange slices. Bananas get a so-so review. Cracker Jacks get gobbled up.

The cute containers are for the parents- not the kids :-) There is nothing wrong w/ doing them, I just know my kids toss the containers to get to the food!



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I know soccer snacks need to be easy, quick and handy, but convenience doesn’t mean you can’t sneak some better-for-you options into your soccer season. Here are 10 Incredibly Healthy Soccer Snacks!



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If it will be warm enough, what about a cold/frozen snack that you could bring in a cooler. We had popsicles once and the kids seemed to enjoy that. I agree that the little gatorade bottles are a big must make them feel grown up or something..its not a juice box :) What about something homemade, maybe a good oatmeal choc. chip cookie or something. Dont worry about the cups, or bags, the kids really dont care, and although cool points with parents are nice, lets face it, in the end it doesn't matter. Ask your daughter what she wants to take and go from there! Have fun ~A.~



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I just recently bought the Granola Bites (i know you said ideas other than granola bars...but these are cute, bite size and relatively healthy), that come in 3 flavors: peanut butter, chocolate and cinnamon. You could mix some of these Granola Bites (actually little granola balls) with some new Pretzel balls (called described as Pretzel Launchers) I just saw & bought at Walmart, called Kid Didits, which are loaded with good stuff. That way they'd have a sweet and salty combo and you could also add some dried fruit. Lots of small/safe dried fruit options, like the SunMaid Goldens & Cherries (delicious and tangy). Hope this helps. L.

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