Soccer for 5 Yr Old

Updated on April 12, 2010
W.M. asks from Cleveland, OH
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My 5 year old is starting soccer this week. It's her first time, they don't keep score - it's pretty non-competitive. I have her jersey, shorts and socks. Do I need anything else? Can she wear regular tennis shoes? Does she need shin guards? Thanks for your help!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your advice. For her first game/practice, I got her the shin guards, but not the cleats. I wanted to see if she even enjoyed the game. She did, and we are off to purchase her cleats.

Thanks again to all of you!

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answers from Columbus on

The cleats you can get pretty cheap at Payless or Wal-Mart. I would suggest a mouth guard as well. You can get the child sized at Wal-Mart or Dicks. Some leagues do not require cleats, but I've never seen one that does not require shin guards. My kids have been playing for almost 10 years now. She'll have a blast.

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answers from Toledo on

Hi.... Shinguards are a requirement to play but cleats are not. Most kids will probably have the cleats but if this is her first time, I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a pair just in case she decides not to play again. You can always check a second hand store for a pair if you want to buy her a cheaper pair. Good Luck!!



answers from Philadelphia on

I went to Dick's to get my son's soccer stuff. They usually have a sale on soccer items this time of year. I got cleats, shin guards and a ball for 20 bucks. I'd definately get the shin guards though. Little kids can't always control where their foot lands and you don't want you daughter getting hurt or sporting a big bruise.



answers from Cleveland on

Yes, she will need Shin Guards and Cleats. I don't think you can get away with just wearing tennis shoes since they play in the grass even if it's wet or raining and she would be slipping all over the place! There is a store in Strongsville called Play it again Sports where you can buy used stuff (All in Great condition) for 1/2 the price of brand new since they grow out of them so fast. This is my dughters second year playing and she loves it!!



answers from Cleveland on

i had my son in soccer last year.. and we went to Dick's Sporting Goods and got a ball, cleats, shin guards for bout $40.. i think we even got soccer socks to go over the shin guards. I would def get shin guards. See our coach had our kids play weather it was raining or not so i would recommend cleats so she wont slip. Especially if it's early morning games (my son was 9am) so the grass was fairly damp and they can slip easily. If at all i would call the coach.. Good luck :)



answers from Columbus on

Yes, she will need shin guards and cleats.



answers from Houston on

That all depends on what organization she is playing with. Some allow regular shoes, some don't, some require shin guards, some don't. I'd check with your coach to find out what is required.


answers from Raleigh on

She definitely needs shin guards! Even if it is non-competitive, the ball will hit her shins, and it will hurt. I know that around here, they have to have cleats. I suggest calling the coach or league and asking.



answers from Mansfield on

depends on your league rules. My kids started playing at age 4... U5 team. They needed cleats and shin gaurds. I very much recommend shin gaurds even if they are not required. Alot of times there will be 6 kids huddled in one little circle kicking at the ball and if no shin gaurds- ouch!
The coach will give you all the details as to what is needed for games and things but its ok to show up to the first practice and not know a thing if you didn't speak with the coach yet!
Hope this helps :)



answers from Indianapolis on

You need to call and ask the organization she's playing soccer through. Every place is different. Some require kids that age to have cleats and chin guards, some just need chin guards, others don't require either one. My kids have all played at places with all these differences so it's best to ask and not assume anything.



answers from Tulsa on

I actually got our granddaughters (GD) first pair of cleats off Craigslist for free, they needed a good family...I took a pair of cleats to the post office and weighed them, bought a fiberous envelope big enough for the shoes to fit in, addresses it, put the proper amount of postage on it, and then folded the envelope up and put it inside another manilla envelope and mailed it the family who were giving us the shoes. When they recieved the envelope they took out the inner envelope and put the shoes in it and gave it back to the postal worker, we got them back after just one full day.

We passed them on after she outgrew them. This is the first year we have bought a new pair and she has played 2 Springs and 2 Falls. She wears a red jersey and we bought a red pair of cleats at Hibbetts. My husband shaved off the front cleat and then sanded it a bit with just some sand paper. Soccer cleats do not have a cleat dead center under the front of the toes. The Referee will make them change shoes or won't let them play, it can damage a person too much.

Shin guards are essential. If your kids wear white or black socks get them at Wal-Mart with the shin guards inside the socks, they are called PeeWee or something like that, Youth size are big for my GD and she wears a size 11 1/2 to a 12 girls shoe. The shin guards inside the sock has a pocket they fit into and that keeps the guard off the skin. If you do but the regular ones due to sock color or something being different then just put them on the bare skin and he can get used to the feel. Remeber to look at the ankle of the guard, some of them have a sheild inside that fits over the outside ankle.

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