Sobe Lifewater OK to Give to Toddler?

Updated on June 07, 2010
C.C. asks from Crown Point, IN
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Am looking for an alternative to juice and was wondering if these would be Ok to give to a 3 1/2 yr old? They supposedly are naturally sweetened with no sugar?

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So What Happened?

Yes, we do give her water especially at night but once she got a taste of "juice" we cannot get her to drink anything else! We water down the juice we do give her by almost 50% - our ped is concerned that she is in the 90% percentile for her weight (only 50% for height) and wants us to cut down on the juice so am trying to find a healthy yet tasteful alternative since she wont just drink water all the time every day.

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I've found the flavored waters-no sugars. Full strength they taste like juice. I've been able to dilute them half-half sometimes more for my daughter. I don't know that they are that much better, but they seem to be just water & a flavor-no added anything else.

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answers from Nashville on

I would check the label. If they are naturally sweetened, it has to be with sugar or fruit juice or something. If you are trying to cut down on the juice for the sugar reason, try adding a tiny splash to water. That sounds basically like the Sobes. If there is any artificial sweetener in there at all, I'd say no. I'd rather my son eat straight sugar out of the bag than artificial stuff. Another alternative is to put fruit into water. Throw a slice of orange in water and it will flavor it. I like orange better than lemon or lime. Or a strawberry. Berries will transfer their juice out and take in water if they are soaked. If the Sobes are really just fruit juice added to mostly water, they would be fine to give to kids, but you could do it cheaper yourself.

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I never gave my kids juice at that age either, they do not need it. They do need to develop a healthy taste for plain old water. Both my girls don't even like sweet drinks that much and as a result drink lots of water. Honestly there is no nutirtional value in the vast majority of juices. Orange juice is really the only one that gives you some good stuff. Dump the apple juice and such and put some good old water in his cup!
I just read Victoria's post and have to laugh. My oldest is the same way. When she was 2-3 years her biggest treat out was to go to our local Mexican restaurant and have a "burrito, chips and water". To this day she is an excellent eater and can't stand soda or soft drinks!



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some of the new sweeteners are chemically changed cane sugar or other types of sugars - but they are sugars and they are artificially made



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How about just water?



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Hi C.,

Sobe Lifewater has fructose and cane sugar. Although it is probably not the worst thing in the world I would continue to water down juice. I watered it down like you would make lemonade, simply a tablespoon or so of juice as a sweetener in a glass of water. Straight juice has so much sugar even though healthier than other drinks. Fruit is best because the fiber will contradict the absorption to raise the blood sugars. I would continue to water the juice down slowly so she wouldn't notice as much.

Just my two cents!



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I just checked the ..... SoBe's in my fridge :) and i didn't even realize there were 2 kinds (0 calorie and regular) The 0 calorie one only have stevia as a sweetener, and that is natural. I say that is all good.
I have one other option for you, there is a product called "True Lemon", it is crystallized lemon, they also make a 'true orange' and 'true lime'. My kids love the orange in ice water. There is no sugar in it, just crystallized orange. I can't find it in stores though, but I order it online. It is very reasonable and actually i love keeping the other flavors on hand for iced tea, i use the lime for guacamole all the time too!
I also just want to say that what they drink it just one little piece of the overall puzzle, a little juice and a well balanced diet will all work out fine.
Also, if you do water down juice, use a strong (no sugar added) flavor, like grape and it will taste great!



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Probably - just read the label for additives you don't like. Trader Joe's sells "reduced calorie" juice boxes which really means they water the juice down by 50% for you. I love having them on hand

I know juice has a bad reputation because of the sugar and that it "sticks" to teeth but a little juice is really not the end of the world. It's a natural form of sugar and it tastes good. My mom was crazy about juice when I was growing up and now I basically hate water and milk because it was the ONLY option I was ever allowed. I think all things in moderation creates healthy boundaries and relationships with food and drink.

Good luck!



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My sons had the same issue, but I just gradually watered down their juice more and more until they ultimately just got water. Now they are big water drinkers and they are 7 & 10.



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What about adding real fruit to water?

Cut up an orange, through it in a pitcher with some water and put it in your fridge.

You can do the same with lemon, lime, berries (though they get mushy faster), melon, etc. Then put a chunk of fruit in her special water as the treat she gets when she drinks it all.



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Sounds weird, but cucumber slices in water add a really nice "cool" flavor.


answers from Jacksonville on

While I have no issues with the Sobe Lifewater (I actually think it tastes too sweet and don't care for it) or the VitaminWater Zero (which I LOVE the lemonade and orange ones).... if you are simply looking for an alternative to juice for your child... why not just give them plain water?

That is what we did. I NEVER gave either of my kids juice. of any kind. It is just sugar, really. There is not enough Vitamin C in any kid's juice to make it any sort of health drink for them. They don't NEED juice in their diet. I let my kids choose between milk and water when they were thirsty, and they never had any complaints. The still LOVE water. My almost 9 yr old daughter doesn't even LIKE any kind of soda... if it is carbonated forget it. She won't drink it. :) When I get drive-thru kid's meals, she always ASKS for either milk or WATER. When the kids have parties or school parties and pass out the juiceboxes... my daughter whips out her water bottle. She doesn't like the other. Every blue moon, she will want a grape kool-aid pouch... or a blue powerade. That's it.

Try it out. You might be surprised at how quickly they get used to drinking plain water. It's really good! Make sure it is nice and cold... it always tastes better that way to me. :)



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We buy Mott's Tots & Juicy Juice but Sobe's label is pretty good too.

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