Soapy Water That's Okay for Kids with Eczema

Updated on May 20, 2010
C.M. asks from Denton, TX
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My daughter just got a water table for her birthday and I thought it would be fun to fill with bubbly water. I'm not sure what to use. One time my kids were taking a bath and I thought it would be fun to let them play with their bubbles and wands in the bath (I had to make more bubbles in the bottle using dish soap because they ran out of the regular bubble liquid). Well, not smart because my 19 month old dumped all the liquid in the bathtub. They did have fun playing in the nice bubbly bathtub and I made sure to rinse my kids off afterwards. However, a few days later my sons eczema reappeared (I can't remember the last time he's had a flare up). Not sure if it was the dish soap, different sunscreen that I normally use, or something else. But, just to be on the safe side I don't want him to play in bubbles made from dish soap again. Any other alternatives that might be a little better on his skin?

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answers from Washington DC on

My daughter has ezcema and doesn't have a problem with regular bubbles. For her bubble baths with use Avon Sensitive Skin Bubble Bath.


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answers from Detroit on

aveeno products are good.

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answers from Rochester on

You could do the Aveeno products as one mom mentioned, but that is pretty expensive. I use Aveeno for my boys since my younger has eczema, but my 3 1/2 year old knows he can't have bubbles if his brother is bathing with him. I'm not sure which of your children has the eczema, but if it is the younger one, just do the bubbles with the older. Otherwise, I would either avoid bubbles in the bath altogether, or keep something mild for the water table, but that would still dribble down to the skin.

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answers from Columbus on

What about baby shampoo?

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answers from Phoenix on

I have great products that can help your daughter way better than anything else on the market! (Not to mention, you can save money!) Did you know that formaldehyde amongst other things are found in baby shampoos, laundry detergents and even dish soap? It's a carcinogen, and can cause eczema or irritate the problem more! If you're interested, message me and I can share where I shop from that has been a blessing to my daughter who would get little patches of eczema all over her back, legs and elbows before finding this amazing company!


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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have eczema and Dove soap is good--what about Dove Body Wash? Or just eliminate the bubbles--the water will still be fun.



answers from Dallas on

My daughter has a severe case of eczema and she can't use any type of bubbles in her bath water except dove bubbles . Dove has a body wash that is the same as the white bar, I just use that as bubbles. I pour some under running water and it makes bubbles . Just enough for her to play in the bubbles for a little while. Dish soap dries the skin and flares up sensitive skin.



answers from Phoenix on

Arbonne products are great!

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