So Worried About Newborn Getting Sick

Updated on November 01, 2010
A.U. asks from Allen Park, MI
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I have a newborn at home (10 days old) and a 2 yr old (today's her bday) and a 6 1/2 yr old ... Everyone but the newborn has a cold... Me and hubby just started showing symptoms yesterday, but the 2 and 6 yr old have had it since baby was couple days old. I'm doing what I can as far as hand washing, and "trying" to keep other kids from getting too close to baby... But obviously me and hubby can't stay away from baby, we have to take care of her. At this young of an age, every possible worst case scenerio of ..if she gets sick.. keep flashing in my head... Ugh... She is bottle fed, wanted to mention that because I know people will start talking about breast feeding... Plus we have the issues with having to try to switch her to nutramigen(per doc's orders) right now and she hates it and screams... I guess I'm just looking for others that have had a baby this time of year with everyone else sick and the baby was bottle fed and the outcome... As if everything else about having a 3rd baby (especially with a toddler) isn't already hard enough, then everyone around her being sick (none of us have fevers though)...
I keep taking her temp and it seems elevated (99.5), but other than that she seems ok.. I know 100.2 is considered a fever for newborn and dangerous..i'm totally freaking out... help
Thanks mommys

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answers from Detroit on

"I keep taking her temp and it seems elevated (99.5)"

If you are taking her temp rectally, it should be about one degree above what we orally perceive as "normal"......and two degrees above that which you'd get with an underarm reading.......

You are doing everything correct.....

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answers from Harrisburg on

Aggressively treat the ones that are sick so that it minimizes the newborn getting sick. Sanitize as you have been doing and cover your noses so you don't breathe over her. Spray Lysol in the rooms and try not to worry so much.

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answers from Dallas on

You are doing the right thing, by keeping the other kids away. Don't kiss the newborn, or get your face near her. Wash your hands in warm water often. If you don't have time to wash them, before you touch her...Keep hand sanitizing wipes (I recommend CleanWell for wipes and soap...they don't have all the nasty chemicals in them) with you and wipe your hands, before touching her.

My son was bottled fed and has been perfectly healthy. He is now 17 months and never been sick. Although, breastmilk is is not a cure all. If it kept everyone from getting sick, don't you think we'd somehow get that in pill or shot form, instead of antibiotic? It only helps a little. Don't worry about your child being "less healthy."

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answers from Wichita on

the only thing my daughter ever got until she was almost a year was ear infections and she was bottlefed her whole life.

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answers from Detroit on

Hadn't read this one when I answered the other one. Sounds like you don't want to consider breastfeeding, but it's worth any hassles you may have with it just to get the amazing immunity it provides. That's what I wanted to say.


answers from Houston on

I just wanted to say that I feel you!! My newborn came home from the hospital and his two year old brother came down with strep. It was so stressful!! He was breastfed, but I was still so worried, I was checking his temp constantly, oh and I had a really nasty cold with fever right before he was born and was getting over it. It was rough!! My dr did tell me to keep my toddler away from the baby which was so hard because of course he wanted to be apart of his life right away. I know I can't address the whole type of food thing, but we did keep his brother away for like 48hrs and the baby did just fine. Hang in there, just keep doing what you are doing with sanitation and I think lil one will do great. Congrats, things will be so much better next week:)



answers from Chicago on

Newborns are not likely to catch a cold. No need to freak out. Newborns will have body temps that will go up and down from 95.5 to 100.5. You do what you can to keep things clean that are around the baby and try to keep the kids that are sick from breathing on her. My daughters were both bottle fed and never had anything other than an occasional ear infection until over 1 year of age. Teach your older kids to cough or sneeze in to their elbows. Everyone should cough/sneeze in to their elbows. I can't believe how many adults still cough or sneeze in to their hands....that is totally gross, and is the number one way to spread germs besides not washing your hands often, and always after using the bathroom.



answers from New York on

i know its so stressful, the olders bring home every disgusting thing from school. just do what you are doing, lots of hand washing, everyone washes every time they come into the house, and open your windows. shoes off at the door. backpacks and coats and clothes from school get their own spot, not on the kitchen table, and change out of school clothes and wash up asap. separate towels for sickies and not, better yet no hand towels at all, put a roll of paper towels in the bathrooms. antibacterial soap when things are especially germy. extra vitamins. antibacterial wipes in there with the school kids lunch. and when your newborn is sick, bring her in to the doc as often as you need to. at least call in for any fever. i was on the phone with my doc constantly. if they make you feel bad about calling you might want to rethink your choice of doc, you should be able to call any time, especially with a newborn. ask your doc if they have newborn hours, mine used to let me bring them in the back door to minimize exposure. if not, try to go first thing in the morning or first thing after their lunch break, the office will air out a bit and be cleaned. the baby will get sick anyway here and there, just do the best you can. the baby will build up immunities sooner than the others, thats what i kept telling myself. made me feel a little better, but we always worry.



answers from Raleigh on

Our newborn is 12 days old an we have almost 4 and almost 6 year olds at home:) I know about the worry, I keep checking her head all the time as well.(people want to come and see the baby, every little cough and I am freaking out) I think you r doing the right things. I have heard some people get those medical masks and wear them around the baby. But hand washing is #1. I got the flu shot too and my kids r getting one next week.You survived one being born this time of year, right?:)



answers from Detroit on

You are doing the right things...washing everything. Her temp is not dangerous til it is 101 or 102. Fevers happen for a get rid of whatever is tryig to make her sick. No worries!