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Updated on August 16, 2009
Y.D. asks from Lewisville, TX
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About 5 days ago we got a new puppy. My daughter has fallen in love with her, but since we got her, my daughters allergies have gotten so much worse and she is already on Clariten. When I brought it up to her that we might have to give her new puppy to a new family she was heart broken. I don't know what to do, is there anything other than Clariten I can give her or do we really have to find a new home for our puppy?

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Maybe it's not the puppy. My husband has been suffering a lot lately from just having seasonal allergies and soon it will be ragweed time as well.(So the air is only going to get worse)
I have heard that a lot of times when people think they are allergic to animals it really is from other things. I would have her allergy tested and go with what a Dr. says to do. I would hold off on giving the puppy away until you know what she is allergic to.

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I wouldn't get rid of the dog. Talk to the doctor and see what else you can give her. Her allergies might settle down once she's been around the dog more. We recently added a puppy to our family who the kids love to death. I know how close the bond is between kids and animals and it would be wrong to take that away from her unless it's recommended by a doctor to do so.

No offense but it just really bothers me when I see and hear about so many people getting rid of pets because of "allergies". Didn't you have any idea your daughter was allergic before bringing in the dog?? If you just realized she had allergies than that would be different but it sounds as if you've already known for a while and still decided to bring in a pet.

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It sounds like you were aware of allergy issues before you got the dog. Adopting a pet is a committment and a LOT of work.

First of all, confirm that she is allergic to the dog by Dr. diagnosis. She could be worse right now with the pollens, fungus that is going on outside.

Lastly, if it is the dog and you give it up, I would suggest getting something other than a dog or cat.....namely fish. If you do choose to go the dog route, poodles are also a good breed for people with allergies (be ready for the long-term responsibility that comes with a pet)

Pets are a huge responsiblity which can easily last 10-14 yrs per pet, depending on the breed.

I wish the best for your daughter.

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Bath the dog every week to get the dander off.

Consider adding alfalfa into your daughters diet. It is a natural allergy reliever. My husband and I take multiple tablets daily, but they can be ground up and put into other food. Alfalfa is the father of all foods. If you decide to try this contact me and I will see what other parents have done as to "how much" to give a 5 year old.
Best of Luck. I understand. We had a cat my husband was very allergic to (before we discovered alfalfa), but my son adored the cat (and so did we). She lived to be 19. LOL!
My sweet husband suffered in silence.....and into his kleenex.



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I, too, am allergic to dogs. I don't take anything for it, and yes, I suffer from allergies for it - watery eyes, sneezing...sometimes! I love having my dog (and cat, which I am allergic, too, as well); so, giving them up is not an option for me. But...I agree with the other poster- giving them baths helps with the dander. Now, you may also need to keep the hair shorter and vacuum more often, too. But there are ways to help before giving them up. Call your vet or a vet and ask for their help and advice.

Oh, also have her wash her hands and arms after touching her dog. It won't get rid of everything, but it may help some. Take care!



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This may not have anything to do with your daughter's allergies, but fungus counts are "high" in our area this week. I know I'm allergic to things like cedar, mold, etc (creek areas really get to me), and my allergies have been mildly effecting me this week, so I began taking my medicine earlier this week as well. My guess is that it may still be puppy related, due to the coincidence of the timing, but thought you should know about the fungus.

If your daughter is allergic to the new puppy, and you decide to find it a new home, you might consider getting a puppy that doesn't have dander (the element that gives us humans allergies). We've got a mini schnauzer, and I believe poodles fall into the same category.

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I agree talk to your doctor and see what else you can try.



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take her to an allergist and have them do allergy shots. After awhile it will desensitize her and she'll be better able to handle it. Good luck, that is tough!

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