So Tired of Diaper Blowouts!

Updated on May 12, 2011
S.M. asks from Zanesville, OH
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I am at my wits end with my daughter's poop! She has blown out of her diapers EVERY SINGLE TIME she has pooped for the last week. It doesn't matter if she's sitting in her swing, laying down on her back or belly, or in her carseat - her poop will go up the back, out the leg, or even up the front! I actually ran out of pre-treater trying to get the yellow stains out of her clothes.

I've been using the Huggies Little Movers, because they seem to be the ONLY diaper that doesn't give her a horrible rash. Pampers, Luvs, and most of the store brands I've tried give her a rash almost instantly. But obviously the Huggies are not fitting her well. It shouldn't be a size issue, because she's about 17 pounds and wearing size 3. I've researched cloth diapers but I'm just not ready to make that leap. I would even order diapers online if they would solve my problem. HELP!

Edit: She is 5 months old, and pretty solid. My son was a very fat baby, and I think Pampers fit him better. He could wear any type of diaper and never get a rash, and I only remember him having these type of blowouts a handful of times over his first year, never multiple times a day! My daughter has such sensitive skin, it's ridiculous. I had to switch detergent and body lotion and almost everything that touches her skin!

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answers from Cleveland on

As the mother of a 5 month old with allergies and eczema and skin that can't touch anything without getting covered in itchy bumps, I'd try cloth. It isn't expensive, and I find prefolds and covers work just fine. No need for the fancy stuff. I believe there is a site, miraclediapers, where you can get a started pack for cheap, they are used but it would allow you to try several different diaper types and I think you just pay for the shipping. it's a thought. Otherwise the cheap plastic pull on covers that can be used over cloth or training pants may help contain the mess from the blowouts and at least protect her clothes.

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answers from Redding on

If might sound odd but maybe try a size smaller so you can snug it up and keep it tight around her legs and waist to stop stuff from leaking out. If the diaper is so big you can overlap a lot, it leaves spaces for poo to get out. I had to do that too,, Had thought weight wise she needed the bigger size and then stuff kept coming out,, went back to the smaller size for a few months and it helped.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

LOL--I'm sorry. Your post just struck me as funny because I can hear your frustration -- even in text form! You, mama, are in some DEEP DOO-DOO!

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answers from Provo on

I had the same problem with my son. I asked on here what I could do and I was told to cloth diaper. I NEVER EVER EVER thought I would be a cloth diapering mom. . . well now I'm a chapter head for a diaper group.
Why aren't you ready to make that leap??? I deal with less poop now as a cder than I do with a disposable.
Do you need someone to walk you through it? Make it less intimidating? If so, you can always talk with me. I try and make it as simple as possible. Check out my blog too.

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answers from Dayton on

I'm not sure why cloth isn't an option for you (I use it and love it and it sounds like you're doing laundry loads full of poop anyway), but if you're absolutely opposed to cloth diapers, you might try getting some PUL cloth diaper covers to put over her disposables. You'll have to wash the cover every time she blows out the disposable, but it will keep the poop off of her clothes and more contained so you can remove it. Thirsties and Blueberry covers are very nice because they are adjustable to different sizes, you can get snaps or velcro closures, and they have leg gussets so you get a better fit around the legs. For her size, you'll probably have better luck with the Blueberry one-size covers than either Thirsties cover size - she's right in between the two.

Also, for those poop stains, rinse the clothes in distilled white vinegar (I put it in the fabric softener dispenser of my washer), and then hang them in the sun to dry. It might take a couple of treatments, but it's very cheap, easy, and natural. That's what I do for almost any stain and it works like a charm.

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answers from Rochester on

I think you need to check for WHY the blowouts are happening. I had this issue when my daughter was a small was milk protein allergy. After I quit drinking milk (which she was getting through my milk) the blowouts stopped. They started again when she started wheat and other grains...continued for many months and much testing. She has Celiac disease.

Not that your daughter will have these issues, but she may have an intolerance to something she is ingesting, and it is WELL worth getting her checked out. Or start keeping a diary of what you/she eats, etc...or if it's happening ALL the time, and you bottle feed, switch to a soy or nutramigen and see what happens. Ask the ped, I am sure they will have advice.

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answers from Philadelphia on

may be try to find the good old fashioned plastic diaper covers. back in the day,I remember that they has the covers that went over the diapers. check out the size and the weight for the diapers. I would say if she is between sizes the go with the bigger size. at night time see if they have the overnight diapers. I think huggies make those too.

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answers from Dallas on

I have no ideas on the diapers but I wanted to tell you that a nurse at hospital told me to treat my stains with 409 and it works great. I do an extra rinse to get any excess chemical off afterwards, but the 409 will take out any stain. Good luck with the poop!!

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answers from Kansas City on

Two words.

Cloth Diapers.

You will never have a blowout again.

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answers from San Diego on

I used Huggies with both my boys but for some reason they did that all the time with my daughter. I don't know if they changed them or they don't work for girls or what. It was driving me batty! We switched to Costco's Kirkland brand diapers and they work. That's all we use now.

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answers from New York on

Very small babies all have this happen sometimes. I found that the size and shape of the baby made a difference in the best fitting diaper. My son was always big for his age ans solidly built. He was best in Huggies. My daughter is long and lean (only 22 lbs at age 2, my son was heavier at age 1). As a smaller baby she was much better in Pampers though at 2 she is in Huggies.

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answers from Portland on

I used Seventh Generation disposables, and we had a few blowouts with those too. You could try putting a diaper wrap over the disposable, just to contain the poop, but I'm not sure this will help much.

From what you've described (activitywise) I'm guessing your daughter is very young. Blowouts are very common for little ones, and it has nothing to do with the diaper. It's the consistency of the poop-- watery, and like pudding, right? (sorry for the reference, but that's how most little kids blowouts are). They do not make a diaper that really holds this except for some cloth diapers, but they'd have to be so tight that they could contain the mess before the liquid is absorbed. I always packed about 2 or 3 extra sleeper outfits in the diaper bag around this stage, because my son would have two blowouts in a row.

Have patience and remember that they do grow out of this!:)

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answers from Washington DC on

Most of the babies in daycare went through a phase of blowouts. I don't know why. They also had blowouts in the jumpers and similar. Something I realized is that my mom and the daycare made the diapers tighter than I did, which helped. She was fine, just more snug. Is the diaper too big? Pampers makes (or made) a sensitive 1-2 size. Kind of an in-betweener. Don't know if they are still good since they started using Dry Max but it was the only diaper that didn't give DD a rash besides cloth.

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answers from Columbus on

If you don't want to do cloth full-on, and buying a slightly smaller size doesn't help, try buying some cloth diaper covers (ProRaps, ask for the "seconds" and you can get them for $5.25 each; while you're at it, think about buying a dozen prefolds (about $20). Tell them how much she weighs and they'll tell you what size you need; I've found diaper pins at Meijer, or, if you're able to get to Columbus, Sprout Soup has "Snappis" and other CD stuff).

Anyway, buy a couple of cloth diaper covers and put one over the disposable. It may not prevent the blowout, but I bet it would contain the mess so that you're not constantly dealing with soiled clothes and furniture.

And I agree with the other poster who suggested keeping a food diary so that you can see if there is a food intolerance causing this.



answers from Harrisburg on

I switched to cloth and haven't had an issue since. I cloth diaper two!


answers from Bloomington on

My youngest was like that! I can't even tell you how many times I put him straight in the tub instead of wasting all the wipes. One thing I tried was to tuck the diaper in (fold down) to help contain it and pants with elastic waists helped. I used Pampers at the time, but now we switched to Target's Up and Up because they are less expensive and just as effective.
Just hang in there...



answers from Cumberland on

Get a diaper service-cheaper, better-for so many reasons.


answers from Oklahoma City on

I wasn't able to use Huggies with any of mine because they all had blowouts like that. I guess the way they were shaped just didn't work for Huggies.
I always used Pampers swaddlers then cruisers but they changed the Cruisers recently (like in the last year or so) and it made my daughter really break out! We started using the Pampers Baby Dry and they work just as well and she doesn't have a problem with them! Maybe you've already tried them but I just thought I'd suggest it in case you haven't! :o)



answers from Pittsburgh on

Try Kirkland - they are Costco's store brand.


answers from Los Angeles on

I use costco, kirkland diapers, havent had a single blow out situation in 14 months... thank god....



answers from Denver on

They do grow out of it - hang in there. I did find if I changed my daughter often it was better. If she was wet then pooped, the blowout was more likely. I do think there are a certain amount of blowouts that we can't control at this age - especially w/ breastfed babies and watery poop.

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