So Afraid and Worried That I Might Have a Ectopic Pregnancy

Updated on August 31, 2012
N.H. asks from Springfield, OR
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I am 18 and about a few years ago I was raped and was found with chlymida I got that tooken care of but in the reasult was i had a high percentage of a ectopic pregnancy but My doctor. Didnt tell me the percentage but went with another doctor and said I had a small inflimation. About 5 days ago I was with My boyfriend but a day later we broke up and I know he came in me so now im afraid that I could have a ectopic pregnancy I would hate to loose a baby is there a way where I could save a baby and myself from a ectopic pregnancy??? Please help !!!!!!
Ps. I have a job and finished high school and I was with My boyfriend for over a year

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answers from Seattle on

This is what my brain does:

I have a number of HUGE, BIG, SERIOUS things going on... so it focuses on something that's not even in the ball park of 'no biggie' to freak out about. It's how I cope. When I DON'T have something inconsequential to freak about, I create one (Like deciding to redo my kitchen mid-divorce. Um. Yeah. Not smart), or what I'm going to wear to a funeral, or, or, or, or.

You're grieving over a lost relationship... but your brain is, instead, grieving over a lost child you don't have yet. It's "easier" than dealing with realtiy, and is pretty classic PTSD coping skills right there.

Which means... Counseling & Education.

Or continuing to freak out about improbable what if's, instead of dealing with what's going on in your life.

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answers from St. Louis on

Go to a doctor. They will be the only ones that can really help you. Don't waste your time asking us, you can see from the previous answer what type of response you will get. So just go to a doctor.

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answers from Hartford on

Please call your OB/GYN today. There's no reason for you to worry through a weekend so you need to get advice from your doctor for what to look out for. She'll tell you when to take a test and if/when an exam is appropriate. Her job is to reassure you.

It's far too soon to know if you're pregnant. In fact, if you only had sex five days ago you might not even be pregnant yet. It can take as long as five days from the date of having intercourse to conception. It would take a couple more weeks before the embryo (if there is one) implants.


answers from Dallas on

Don't borrow worry from tomorrow. You have enough to worry about today! You don't even know if you're pregnant. Take a deep breath & relax. Easing the stress is the best thing you can do if you do happen to be pregnant.

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