Updated on January 28, 2009
M.K. asks from Syracuse, NY
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My friend has let me borrow her Evenflo Snugli, model ####-###-#### (navy blue with red plaid accents). Unfortunately, she didn't have the instruction manual anymore. I'm desperate to use something as my baby wants to be held all the time! I'm calling Evenflo tomorrow to see if I can get a manual, but was just wondering if anyone has the same one, what you think of it, and any tips on use. It seems fairly easy to use, but I don't want to put my baby in without the instructions just to be sure I'm doing it right!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone- unfortunately the model I have is a bit older, so I couldn't get the manual from the website. However, I called the Evenflo Parentlink number (this 1-800 number was right on the label with the model number) and they were EXTREMELY helpful. They are sending me the manual at no charge (they even tried to e-mail it to me right when I was on the phone with them, but for some reason it just wouldn't go through)).

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I believe I had the same one I tried using it with both of mine and I didn't have any luck they would slide under the straps on the sides . I was afraid they would fall out. Some are made different. If I can locate it and still have the manual I will let you know.

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I know it's nice to get things for free, but I would not put a baby that young in a snugli- they don't have the back, core and neck muscles to support themselves sitting upright like that. I would recommend looking into getting a sling or an ergo baby carrier. If you get the infant insert for the ergo carrier, you can use it now and the baby will be held sort at an angle like they are in a sling. The benefit of the ergo is that you can use it in the front, the back and the side, up to about 4 years old. The other good thing is that once they can sit upright in it (around 4 months or so) they are sitting with their weight evenly distributed on their butt, rather than hanging by the crotch the way they are with the snugli and the baby bjorn. I absolutely love my ergo carrier and my son does to. He's comfortable in it and loves being so close to me. Here is a photo of a baby in the ergo with the infant insert included. Check it out:

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Check the website! They usually have PDF versions of the manuals there.



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If you go to Evenflo's website you will see they have a link to download the manuals for their products, they also have instructional videos so you can see how to use them. Hope you find the onefor the model you have.

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I have the snugli. We used it briefly (btw 3 wks - 10 wks of age), you can't really put it on wrong. But you need to adjust it to fit your body frame.
I will say that the Snugli is not very comfortable, especially for extended wearing, and especially as your baby gets heavier. It does not provide very good back support. All the weight is on your shoulders, and your back will start to hurt.
We ended up investing in a babyhwak ( It's super simple, super light weight, no buckles. It's a little more pricey than your average carier, but TOTALLY worth the money. I've been carrying my daughter in it, since she was about 2-3 months old (ever since we stopped using the Snugli). She is almost 1 yr now, and we dont' go anywhere without our baby hawk. She sleeps in it and all. We go on extended hikes, and I have traveled with it overseas and across the country. 4 of my friends have now bought it, and they are very happy with it as well.
so check it out before you torture yourself with the snugli.

Also, if you live in/near NYC. There is a shop that sells them, so you can actually try it before you buy it.

Good luck!



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You can totally use the snugli with a 6 week old!

Check this out:

It shows you exactly what to do! :)



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Have you tried searching online for the manuel. You can usually find them there. Or try Evenflo's website.



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Try going online and see if you can download and print the instruction manual. Good luck!

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