Snow Shoes/boots for Early Walker

Updated on January 10, 2011
J.M. asks from Los Angeles, CA
9 answers

My 13 month old has been walking for a couple months, but he's still in Robeez and the early walker Stride Rite shoes because he freezes in place if I put any more rigid soled shoes on him. I know developmentally, they need flexible shoes. Does anyone know of any good snow shoes or boots for this stage? He's in size 3.5. Or where I might get some sort of shoe covers for the snow, besides a plastic bag? Thanks

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answers from Denver on

when the boy is in the house let him be bare foot it is so much better for him. shoes are ok when out. but for snow and such you really don't need any thing expensive. we all think of support for the ankle when walking, our bone do tha with out the help you will actually do more harm than good. really.



answers from Denver on

Wal-Mart has some pretty cool boots that are similar to a Croc on the bottom but have a sherpa type part coming up. my kids thought they were pretty cool and they had some little sizes. Good luck



answers from Denver on

Hi Jamie,

We have the same situation exactly. We found these perfect "overboots" at Little Mountain outfitters (store in Boulder, CO):

They go over regular shoes like the robeez or really thick socks, and are only $28. We tried boots on our 13 month old and they are just too much for her to walk in. We figured she didn't need something that heavy for the short periods of time she would be in the snow. They are super easy to put on and she walks in them just fine!

Description from website above:
The Molehill Shelled Bootie provides the solution to so many "warm and dry" feet dilemmas for babies and toddlers.

The outer layer is made from a waterproof, breathable Teflon Coated Nylon. The inside is lined with a 17 oz. Non-pill fleece. The updated sole is made from a flexible "rubberized" material that grips well, keeps feet dry and now features a substantial mid-sole for added comfort and durability! They are lightweight, colourful and warm. These wonderful winter booties are VERY easy to put on even the most wiggly of feet, and curled up toes!

Parents use these booties in a number of ways:

1. As the foot covering with the Molehill Snowsuit.

2. As the foot covering when you don't want to use a full snowsuit yet you want warm dry feet for your baby or toddler

3. As a first snowboot. Because these Booties are lightweight, soft and flexible, they are the perfect snowboot for beginning walkers. Just like you use a soft soled shoe, like Robeez.

4. Molehill Shelled Booties worn over wool or fleece socks provide the
ultimate warm and dry combination for those little feet. This combination is the
answer for parents who want their babies in a front carrier or backpack for extended times (for winter hikes, snow shoeing or cross country skiing) or who are living in extreme winter conditions.



answers from Denver on

I wouldn't worry about it much. Odds are he won't really walk in the snow much this year. (mine never did)



answers from Salt Lake City on

I have the same situation. Hope will get some advice.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Try - they might have what you are looking for. I have usually found whatever I happened to be looking for on their site. Fairly reasonable shipping cost. Good luck!



answers from Colorado Springs on

Preschoolians have really flexable shoes. They're not as flexible as Robeez because they don't have leather on the bottom. It' more like a sylicone, or a soft, clear rubber. They also have 3 different inserts with each shoe; one is for wide feet, another is for average feet, and the last is for narrow feet. The toe is clear on the bottom as well so that you can check the fit without just smooshing the end of the toe. Good luck with your search.



answers from Washington DC on

I really feel for the asker, here. My daughter is both petite for her age, and a very early walker. She pulled herself to stand at 7-months and was not only walking proficiently by 9-months, but running around like a maniac. She is now 19-months, but due to her small size is still only a size 3 shoe. I realize that many feel that soft bottoms are best for her feet, but they're not thinking about a scenario where their child is walking in 4-inches of snow.

I tried some of the sites that were suggested, but they had either been discontinued or had nothing in stock under size 5.

I'm personally going with tripple socks with plastic bags under her shoes to keep her feet dry, but if anyone finds someone who makes boots for this scenario, I'd love to hear about it!

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