Sneezing, Small Cough, Congestion , Watery Eyes

Updated on January 21, 2011
J.A. asks from Lebanon, TN
4 answers

my 10 day old has this...and the Dr. said she would be congested and attempting to get all that build up out....used humidifier, and going to put her in bathroom with steam, also been using bulb....any other suggestions?

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So What Happened?

IT ENDED UP BEING RSV :( she is all better

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answers from Minneapolis on

My family has been going through the same thing. Have you elivated the head of the bassinet or crib, or even if they sleep on you can you keep the head above the chest so things can drain?



answers from Memphis on

I think that a baby this young will still be processing out the amniotic fluid that she was in for the past 9 months -- I don't think you should be using anything, but rather just let nature take its course.

Particularly speaking about the bulb syringe, I used one with both my kids, but won't use it again because when I used it when my younger son was a few months old, one time when I suctioned him, I drew out blood -- apparently, I broke open the delicate lining inside his nostrils and made him bleed. Won't do it again.



answers from Spokane on

Until I read the 10-day-old part, I was thinking it sounds like allergies. But I'm not sure if a newborn can even *have* allergies??



answers from Dallas on

Saline Nasal Spray and the bulb will help.

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