Snacks for Preschool Kids .

Updated on October 04, 2010
R.S. asks from Cooperstown, NY
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Hi all,

I need to send snacks for 25 kids at my son's preschool ( they are aged between 3-5). Im thinking about sending applesauce / , which brand of applesauce shud i buy .. and i also need some suggestion with fruits ... Please advice

(is it ok if i buy regular applesauce or do i need to buy flavoured one ) .

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answers from Columbus on

I would suggest Motts or Musselman's no-sugar-added varieties. As a parent I try to avoid extra sugar, and my LO loves these. You can get them in 4 packs or 6 packs, or plain (regular apple) no-sugar-added app. sauce in a big jar for a couple of bucks.

Sliced apples, bananas (you can get the little/mini bananas now), grapes (washed & halved), melon, sliced strawberries, etc.

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answers from Columbus on

You could always get the snack size zip lock baggies and fill them with grapes? That way each kid has their correct proporiton.

Personally, I think any applesauce would be just fine. We use both generic or Motts.

Good job on sending a healthy snack!!

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answers from Honolulu on

cut the fruit up in small pieces.
Just fresh fruit.
No nuts... as most schools have 'no-nuts' policies... because some kids are allergic.
Applesauce, also comes in cups... or there are fruit cups too. Already made.

Does the school have things to serve the food on? Paper plates or bowls? Forks? Napkins? Do you have to provide that too?


answers from Myrtle Beach on

Are there any food allergies in class?
Last week was daughter's snack day (granted I only have to buy for 8 kids!), but we did the Dora yogurts, and trail mix.
Friends of mine have gone to Costco or Sams for a large class to provide for.
As far as applesauce brand, get what you like the best, my daughter LOVES the food store brand, so that's what I buy (I don't taste any difference from store brand to real deal on most items!!)
Good Luck!!



answers from Buffalo on

i just did up a trail mix for my son's preschool...goldfish, raisins, stick pretzels and m&m's...the teacher told me it is one of the kids favorite snacks! my son doesn't really like applesauce too well...did you ask your son what he would like to take? my son LOVES choosing :) have fun!



answers from Philadelphia on

I send fruit to my son's preschool for snack a lot. Apples, peaches, pears, etc make a good snack sliced up. I just put them in a big container and they pass it out to the kids. I usually plan for each kid to get 4 or 5 slices. Grapes, blueberries, chunks of melon, cherry tomatoes, all work well too and you can just do the same thing. If they don't have stuff to serve them in you can just get a pack of small cups for the applesauce.

They also love cheese and crackers and sometimes I make muffins to send in (tonight I'm making whole wheat butternut squash muffins with cinnamon for tomorrow's snack). I have to make for ~40 kids, so I don't do it that often because it's a lot of work in the evening.

Another easy one that the kids love is cereal. Buy a big box of your son's favorite, a gallon of milk and some cups to eat it out of and they love it.


answers from Sharon on

Cinnimon apple sause and how to send them to school take the child to school and take the fruits with you and hand them to the teacher to give to the kids

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