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Updated on November 30, 2009
C.K. asks from Langhorne, PA
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Hello All! I was just curious as to what you all give your children for snacks before bedtime? Both of my boys were gettinga yogurt and some dry cereal before bed. I think they are getting bored with it. I have changed yogurts but that only lasts so long. I am looking for snacks that have protein (as the doctor has said "protein gets them through the night") and are nutritious for them. We have tried string cheese with fruit. they will eat the fruit not the cheese. Have tried yogurt melts and some of the other gerber snacks out there but they seem to wake earlier in the AM than if they just had the yogurt. Any suggestions would be great. Happy turkey Day!

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So What Happened?

thanks so much for all the responses. We do eat dinner fairly early (around 5) so that is why the small snack in the first place. I have varied it a bit over the past few days adding an apple, applesauce or just the plain dry cereal. and now that the baby will be 1 tomorrow, we can add peanut butter and maybe some milk to it also! Thanksfor the support! Have a great holiday season

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Mi kids and 1, 2 and 4 and they all get a cup of milk and usually they want crackers or cereal. We eat dinner around 5, and I try to give snack around 7, so my oldest doesn't wet overnight. But, they all are fine for bed with a light snack.

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My 3-year-old wants a bowl of cereal each night, and he'll eat All Bran or something else that's nutritious. So that's our routine.
We usually eat dinner around 5 or 6, and bed is at 9, so he is hungry.
It's 10pm now and he still has not fallen asleep. But, he is not hungry, just fussing with his blankie!



answers from Pittsburgh on

In addition to what you serve we also offer crackers, hard boiled eggs, rolled lunchmeat, granola bar type snacks, trail mixes.



answers from Philadelphia on

My kids like peanut butter crackers and milk.



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How about apples slices up with peanut butter


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My kids get an energy boost after fruit. Especially grapes. I always give them their fruit for dessert right after their dinner so they have time to "run it off" playing before bed. My daughter and I have a toastie oh's (no sugar) and milk together before bed since I'm nursing and need the snack, but my son doesn't eat a snack. If he was hungry, I'd give him almond butter (protein) on toast. The key for good sleep is enough food all day, not just right before bed, so don't worry too much about the snack at night, just make sure it doesn't have sugar-like fruit. Lots of yogurts out there have sugar in them too-be sure to read the labels. My kids like totally plain yogurt. If they're waking earlier, increase their food a bit during the day. Also, I know bed wetting is tricky, but make sure they're not thirsty by hydrating all day and doing the last drink an hour before bed (no fruit juice or sugar-just plain water), thirst can also cause waking.



answers from Erie on

no bedtime snacks for us either, I really wanted to eat dinner as family so often it was 6 pm before we ate, I would give healthy light snacks in the afternoon, a nice dinner and then bed by 8pm

how long are the going between lunch, dinner, bed?



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My daughter is almost 15 months old. I don't give her a bedtime snack- never have. She eats dinner between 5 and 6 and goes to bed around 7-ish. Basically, she eats dinner, and goes right upstairs to start getting ready for bed (we do have a fairly long "routine"). She does still drink a bottle of milk before bed, but sometimes she doesn't even finish that (since she's not potty-trained yet this isn't an issue since we're not worrying about bedwetting). But the milk gives her a little extra protein to help her get through the night. She mostly sleeps through the night and if she doesn't it's not because she is hungry- it's usually something else. Make sure they are eating a lot often throughout the day. I have read that eating enough during the day will get them through the night. My little girl eats breakfast, am snack, nap, lunch, sometimes an afternoon snack but not every day, dinner, and bedtime bottle.



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Hmmm. I've never given my children bed time snacks. They ate dinner, did some clean up with their toys, brushed their teeth, got baths, read a book, and to bed they went. Still do this with my triplets who are now 5. They're not up that long after dinner to need food again. They eat a good heavy dinner so that has always lasted my kids all night, plus their milk. The only time my kids got something at bed time was when they were babies and got evening bottle and that was when they were small infants. I don't think they need a snack at bed if they're eating dinner and go down within an hour or two after dinner. I hope they're not up that much later after dinner, lol. And they need their teeth brushed before bed too, as I'm sure they are.

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This is what we do with our daughter (3). Oatmeal and cream of wheat. They have alittle protein and are simple to make. They are low in sugar so its not something that amps her up. It's so warm and cozy. She goes between that and yogurt (which we call pudding because she thinks she doesn't like yogurt!). Anyway, hope you find something they like.



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Hi C.,

Although I haven't given them to my daughter as an evening snack -- but would! -- I recommend muffins. Specifically, check out Fiber One apple cinnamon or blueberry muffins. They contain a heck of a lot of fiber, which obviously makes you feel full. And they are good! I have cut up Golden Delicious apples and put them in the mix. Tasty! And they are super easy to make. They just require two eggs, water and vegetable oil. And you mix them; no mixer required. They cook for between 15-20 mins at 425, and voila! Instant snack!

Good luck!

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