Snack for 50+ Kids for VBS

Updated on June 15, 2009
W.N. asks from Greenville, TX
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I am in charge of snacks for our VBS this year. We usually have 50+ kids. What kind of snacks would you recommend? No peanut butter or nuts due to allergies please. The theme this year is SonRock Kids camp. Decorations are camping gear/outdoor stuff, etc. Any suggestions on where to look for recipes/ideas. I know one day will be smores using frosting and marshmellow creme on graham crackers. I would appreciate any other ideas. thanks.

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answers from Medford on

Hi W.,

You might try this link....

Has quite a few great ideas .... or just google snack ideas.

Have Fun,
C. M Hamlin

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answers from Seattle on

1/2ed or 1/4ed cheese, jam, tuna, egg salad...sandwiches, crackers or bagels with cream cheese, granola bars, homemade Rice Crispy treats, dixie cups of yogurt sprinkled with cereal or granola, dixie cups of jello or pudding-it's surprisingly inexpensive if you make it yourself, muffins-get the Jiffy mixes or a huge box of mix, unfrosted cake (make them in cupcake form and their muffins), whatever fruits or vegies are on sale each week. I also like to buy whatever is on sale in the way of goldfish, pretzels, raisins, m&m, teddy grahams, cereal(Life, Crispex, Chex, Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Trix), again, whatever's on sale and mix it all together...snack size zip locks are a good size and fairly cheap (store brand, of course) to serve the snack in.
And since you have a theme, it's always fun to name the snack: 'back country pebbles', 'fuel for the fire', and I really like the 'campers in a sleeping bag'...Have fun!



answers from Portland on


for a cute camp idea one of my favorite was Alligator Eggs: FROZEN ORANGES. We would freeze them and keep in a cooler for the CampFire Day Camp kids. Sometimes we would hide them for them to explore and discover...not frozen when found, but at least cold and fun to find!!!

Other than that, we would keep to fresh fruits and veggies, crackers, and other such simple to store items.

Good luck and God Bless,



answers from Seattle on

I think these are all available at Costco:
Goldfish crackers
celery sticks
apple slices
baby carrots (with dip if you dare!)
ritz with cheese slices
string cheese
chex mix (just leave out the nuts)
trail mix with: raisins, m&m's, cheerios, craisins, dried snap peas



answers from Yakima on

Slice up some apples. Raisins, fruit, Goldfish crackers



answers from Portland on

Yeah, I'd go for "trail mix" style snacks (fitting w/ camping theme :)), just leave out peanuts/tree nuts and high sugar ingredients. The ingredients can be found in the bulk foods area of the supermarket to keep cost down too. You could do different combinations for each day to make it interesting. They're easy to serve--just pour into small paper cups!


answers from Medford on

Our kids (our own, friends and family) 1 large bag of animal crackers, 1 large bag of cheetos, and 1 large container of raisins. All Walmart brand. Less that $7.00 serves at least 25 kids for a snack.



answers from Seattle on

Gogurt tubes, frozen and cut in half. Dried apple slices. Oberto pepperoni sticks or jerky. Fresh fruit like strawberries dipped in a chocolate fountain, marshmallows work well too. Chocolate pudding in dixie cups with gummy worms and crushed oreos... dirt cups. Have gobs of fun!!!!



answers from Seattle on

Mini bagels with cream cheese

Veggie sticks with Ranch Dressing

"Trail Mix" made with fish crackers and raisins

Pigs in a blanket- but call them something like camper in a sleeping bag.

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