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Updated on September 02, 2010
K.G. asks from Waconia, MN
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My washing machine smells musty (and maybe moldy!). It is a top-loading washing machine. My family is allergic to laundry detergent, so I only use baking soda and vinegar in it, unless it is a particularly smelly load, in which case I also use Dawn dish soap.

Can anyone tell me how to get the smell out? Or how it was caused in the first place? (Did those missing sock fairies play a mean trick on me?)

Thanks for your help!

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answers from Green Bay on

If you want nonpetroleum-based laundry cleaner, that is less likely to cause allergic reactions, try this:

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answers from Kansas City on

have you checked under it? maybe there is a leak or something? top loaders rarely do that. it usually front loaders that get stinky. maybe its not draining properly?



answers from Nashville on

Check to see if something got stuck somewhere. We have a front loader that often gets smelly and we discovered that baby socks were getting stuck behind this thick rubber area around the door as well as somewhere else in the machine (not sure where as the repairman found them and I wasn't there to see it).



answers from Rapid City on

Run it through a short wash with a cup of vinegar and then leave your top open when not washing clothes. It has to air out and make sure everything is dry so you shouldn't leave the door open, just like when you aren't using a fridge, you should block the door open to keep it from mildewing inside.



answers from Minneapolis on

I've tried both Affresh (which was purchased at Best Buy but I believe it's available now at Target, Walmart, etc) and something seriously called 'Smelly Washer.' Both work well. I purchased the 'Smelly Washer' at my local hardware store...they didn't have the's much less expensive and has worked just as well. Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I had the same problem and I used a product by Tide that I found at cub foods and it worked great. I just followed the directions and made sure the washer was left open to dry completly afterwards. I did it about 2 months ago and it still smells good. The product says you should use it once a month (they give you 3 in a pack) but I will probably use it again once it starts smelling again. Good luck.



answers from Colorado Springs on

You might add a couple of drops of essential oil to your loads. I use Lavender. We don't have any smelly issues when I do that (I add it to the vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser. Also, I would recommend that you leave your washing machine door open when not in use, at least until it is totally dry.



answers from Omaha on

I can imagine the smell is caused from your washing machine not completely rinsing out leaving a residue of sweat, dirt etc that has been left my not cleaning it. I would suggest getting some laundry soap and bleach and washing it well. Also allergic reactions from soap are left by residue of the soap in which case you would have to use less soap and rinse well. You might also try clorox to get rid of the musty odor. Good Luck!



answers from Phoenix on

Buy some Afresh tablets ot Clorox wshingmachine cleaner. I run this about once a month just to keep clean. Also you can fill washer with hot water and bleach and let sit for about 20 min then rinse cycyle twice. This should help. Just make sure you leave door open after every wash.



answers from Dallas on

Hm. I don't know what exactly caused the problem, but I would run it empty on hot with some bleach.

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