Smarter Grocery Shopping in Lynnwood, Washington State Area?

Updated on May 04, 2010
R.S. asks from Portsmouth, VA
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I've been meaning to ask about this when I saw this recent question on grocery shopping. Great topic! I read it and would like to know more about Coupon Sense and Walmart price-matching. But my question is rather specific to my location. We do our shopping at Fred Meyer and sometimes Costco when we need to buy in bulk. We use Fred Meyer Rewards too. But a rewards card is useless when the prices aren't right anyway.

So if you live around the same area, what do you think are the best places to shop? Does Coupon Sense work for you? We buy mostly organic. We're a family of 3 and our baby is only 3 months old. Our average monthly groceries (including baby supplies like clothes) are about $600. I'd love to reduce that amount. By the way, I know about printable coupons. Need to get a new printer though.

I'm curious: If you buy multiple Sunday newspapers to get more of the coupons you need, do you really manage to save (given what you pay for the extra papers)?


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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies! I'm not familiar with Whole Foods and other places as I'm new here. But we have found it's cheap at the Farmers' Market too! There is a nice Albertson's around here as well. Costco is good but you have to pick what you buy. We've found it's better to stock up on frozen foods there, but not breads and fresh foods which go bad fast. My husband says he has found stuff at WalMart cheaper than at Fred Meyer too. I think you have to compare places to find where it is cheapest to buy what. For July, we're going to try and mix Costco with the Farmers' Market and Albertson's. Costco is also good for toiletries and detergent - products that you know you will use, not leave in the cabinet and forget you had it!

I also tried coupons. But it's hard to always find coupons for the products we use. If you're not careful, you wind up spending more with coupons than less. That's one good thing about Fred Meyer - they automatically scan your groceries and give you coupons that are related to what you buy.

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I can't do the coupon thing. It is never what I want to buy or I forget and it expires. I find it odd that so may people say they use coupons AND they buy mostly bulk grains and organic produce with not many prepackaged foods. I often find that most coupons are for prepackaged foods and not for whole foods. Maybe i am not looking in the right place!
I think Fred Meyer generally has good prices. I go to Trader Joe's for things like boxed cereal (WAY cheaper), some produce, yogurt, eggs, butter, pasta and sauce, beans and organic frozen veggies like peas. They have great prices. I used to get my organic milk there ($2.99 a 1/2 gallon) but QFC now has Naturally Prefered for $2.79 a 1/2 gallon). Cheaper than Costco ($9.00 for 3 1/2 gallon containers). I am going to try the Albertsons next to Trader Joes in Lynnwood. I never really liked Albertsons, but I went in there in desperation and was pleasantly suprised. They do have some good general coupons and their prices seemed good. Worth checking out.
QFC is almost always more expensie than Fred Meyer, except for when produce is on sale, and on Tillamook Cheese and milk.
I find Top Foods and Safeway to be the most expensive regular grocery stores. Especially on organics. I can't bring myself to try Grocery Outlet, but there is one in Lynnwood. I know people love it, so it could be worth a try.
Another person was talking about the coupon book. I think she is talking about the Chinook Book. Whole Foods is too far away for me, but I do buy some beef at PCC in Edmonds. It is oddly reasonably priced and they grind their own hamburger there, so you know it is safe. Chicken is way too much there. I have been meaning to try DD Meats in MLT. I have heard good things about it, but haven't been there since I was a child.
Good Luck!


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RJ - I am not familiar with Coupon Sense (although I'll look it up!). It might be similar to the Grocery Game, which I tried but realized I was already doing myself so why pay for it?!? Also, couponing to the the extreme makes me buy things I don't need because I see that I can get them so cheap compared to original price. It's a head game. So I really have started to watch to make sure I only cut out coupons for healthy things that I need, not EVERYTHING there is a coupon out there for.

I am a huge sale + coupon shopper for my family of 5 + 1 on the way. I, too, am trying to shrink our grocery budget. We currently average $450/month on groceries. This is grocery only, not eating out or kitchen cleaning supplies or anything else like that. I like to buy organic when I can, but can't afford everything, so I shop from EWG's Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 list. I really shop the ads, so I don't primarily patronize one place. Although I will say I think Central Market has the best organic produce. I use a lot of bulk grains and teas, and I shop at a little place called Manna Mills in MLT for those because I think they have good prices and I like to spend my money at little local shops when I can. They are also very knowledgeable and helpful there, rather than the teenage boy at the big chain grocery store!!

I feel that more than coupons, the very biggest way I save money is by planning meals and shopping for them a week at a time, based on what's on sale that week, and by cooking mostly from scratch. Processed packages of foods sound cheap when they are advertised for 10 for $10 or whatnot, but in the end I save the most money by buying bulk grains, fresh fruits and veggies, and quality meat. I'm really excited for Farmer's Markets to open up again! Good luck!



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I didn't see the article you were talking about regarding grocery shopping.. But I shop at Fred Myer too.. for several reason, convenience, organics and in general I cam get everything there.. My Dad said he saw a review awhile ago on TV and most items Fred Myer was lower priced.. especially against QFC which I find odd b/c they are both owned by Kroger. I do shop costco too they have organic milk and things.. I have a fred myer rewards credit card that is master card I do get money back to use at Fred Myer quite a bit sometime 60 dollars a quater. Have you ever been to whole foods.. I go there too and there 365 brand organic food which is their store brand is very reasonable.. and there is a coupon book at the front check out good on organic brands and other stores.. it is like an entertainment book but for organic products and stores!!! It is 20 dollars but the coupons are a huge savings.. I am picky and do not always use sunday add coupons unless it is something I would usually buy.. my parents give me their coupons.. I do stock up on frezzer items and yogurts like brown cow that go on sale a lot at whole foods. We are a family of 4. a 7 year old and 4 year old.. with packing lunches ect snacks dinners.. we do spend alot roughly 800 a month but everyone packs lunches and alot is organic and some months we stock up on things for frezzer or canned items.



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I've found Fred Meyer to have the best grocery deals overall. I supplement with Grocery Outlet (which does have organic choices) and sometimes Costco. Good luck! If you are on FB, Queen Bee is a good "page to Like", it's full of coupons.

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