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Updated on December 29, 2018
M.6. asks from Woodbridge, NJ
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So hubby and I traditionally do not exchange Christmas or birthday gifts anymore. Sometimes we will buy something we want/need around the holidays and call it a "gift" to ourselves and sometimes not. For birthdays, hubby gets his favorite dinner at home and for mine, we get to go out so I don't have to cook.

My birthday was yesterday and a little birdie mentioned that he might be purchasing me a smart watch for a belated birthday gift (we always spend my actual birthday driving special needs kids to camp). Of course, he is extremely technologically challenged but thinks he isn't (so may not take the advice given to him at the store he purchases it) so I am a bit curious what he will come home with (two cans connected by string tied to a bracelet? - just kidding!). He has NO problem if I return something for a different/better something if he didn't get quite the right thing, though.

So, if you got a smart watch for Christmas, or have had one for awhile and love it, please share your thoughts. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge (android) phone and have no plans to either change phones or change over to an Iphone.

Thanks for any help and happy NYE coming up in a few days!

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answers from Portland on

Happy Holidays!

I do not have one although my sisters have them.

One of my sisters goes to the gym daily, and is very health conscious in a very sensible kind of way (not over the top, eats in moderation, and is I think around your age, grown kids, grandchild, etc.) She just wants to keep in shape by making sure she keeps up her energy levels.

What I like about her model (she does have an iPhone, mind you she doesn't have the Iwatch or whatever it is called) - is it lets her know when someone is texting her ... she can't text them back or anything like that, but she can then go to her phone and text back if she needs to take the text or call or whatever.

I think that would be helpful if you were busy.

I haven't really asked her about it much. I believe it was a gift in her case also.

Not sure if that is helpful. I think you can download the info from it onto your computer?

Happy NYE :)


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answers from Chicago on

I think it really depends on what you want the watch to do. My daughter is on the cross country track team at the school she goes to and her watch allows her to track distance and speed/pace for her runs as well as connect wireless headphones to listen to music. She also uses it to report her times to her coach and I believe it syncs to her phone and tells her when she has a text. I believe it is a Tom watch.
We originally ordered a Garmin watch but never received it so she ordered this one instead.

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answers from Washington DC on

I know someone that received one as a gift and all she uses it for is to tell time. :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Well, if he comes home with an iWatch, you'll need to return it since it won't work with android phones. With an android, there are a lot of great options. I really like the look of them more than iWatches - more traditional faces or lots of sports/waterproof options if you like that kind of stuff.

It's not a smart watch, but I got a FitBit Charge 3 for Christmas. I really like it. It has a watch face (customizable) and connects with my phone so that all my calls and texts come up on the fitbit. Plus, it tracks my activity, reminds me to move if I haven't walked around that hour (a real problem with my job is sitting without moving for too long), tracks my heart rate, and tells me my sleep patterns. It is waterproof, so can be left on for swimming. And, it even has some fun apps on it; eg, I can look at the weather forecast for the day, set timers, and a few other things. So, I lose a little bit of the smart watch functionality (I can read text messages but can't reply to them right on the watch; I can see calls coming in but need to pick up the phone to answer it). But, it has some extra fitness bells and whistles that are fun.

Happy birthday!

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answers from Dallas on

My oldest son has an android watch and he loves it. It's an older one and not set up to where he can text from it. I know there are some out there that you can text from. It all depends on what you are wanting it for. I think eventually he wasn't to upgrade but will stay with android as he likes their product much better that Apple.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My daughter has an Android watch and loves it. They're not allowed to have their phones on them in class so she can still receive texts. It also has fitness tracking abilities. She said that she can send texts if she is on wi-fi or through Bluetooth with her phone.

Hers is a Fossil.

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