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Updated on March 19, 2010
W.R. asks from Gunter, TX
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My husband and I have longed to move to a smaller town for years, but it's hard to imagine earning enough of a living to sustain ourselves. We're not talking tiny town, maybe something the size of Gainesville,TX. Any tips, thoughts on how to go about making such a move? I grew up in a small town in KY and would love to recreate a similar experience for my daughter within a tight knit community

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answers from Dallas on

Living in a small town is a lifestyle choice, which involves several choices of priority when it comes to your finances. It's the opposite of living on Hawaii; thousands of people do it, and they're not milliionaires, but they make choices with their money priorities that allow them to live in paradise. Thousands of people also live in small towns, each for their own reasons. My wife and I choose to live in Dallas, the land of financial milk and honey. But one day we'd love to live in Fredricksburg. The money situation will not be as good, but the compromises will balance. It's a choice you have to want to make.


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I know how you feel. I went to high school in a town west of Gainseville population 1071. Because I had come from a larger town (Lewisville, TX) it was very hard as a teenager to get adjusted. But now that I have a 4 year old son I very much want that for him. We live in Denton which is not big but I like the idea of my kid going to school with the same friends from Kindergarden to High School. Good Luck!



answers from Dallas on

Prosper has a great community with a population of about 9,000 and one of the best school systems in the area. Frisco is only a 10-15 minute drive away with almost everything you need.

Melissa, north of McKinney, is a little smaller around 5,000.

The trick is to find a smaller town within driving distance of great areas to work. I know Argyle and Crowley/Burleson are some good growing towns around Fort Worth as well.



answers from Dallas on

I agree. My husband is from small town in Iowa and I am from the mountains of Georgia. Both of us are small town people, and funny both moved here to Texas for jobs. We thought about small town where my husband grew up but the jobs are just not there. Depending on where our kids end up - we hope to retire to the Ga mountains.

I was laid off last year and now I am a WAHM. I love the flexibility I now have and hope that I can build my business so that I don't have to return to corp America.

My suggestion, depending on what you and/or your husband do for a living, would be to check out telecommuting type of work, starting your own business and really checking out the communities which interest yall to see if there might be somthing job wise.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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