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Updated on May 19, 2011
D.Z. asks from Chardon, OH
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Hello! My daughter is having several friends over Saturday night for a slumber party to celebrate her 7th birthday. I am wondering if I need to plan activities? Or should I just let the girls just wing it and find things to do by themselves? I want this to be fun for her but have very little time to prepare. Any ideas? I'm open to ideas for food, snacks, activities..... Help!

Thanks in advance

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answers from St. Louis on

What about having the girls decorate Tshirts or socks with puffy paint? My friend did that with her daughter for her 10th birthday so they are a bit older, but still would be fun. A scavenger hunt would be fun. So would decorating cookies or cupcakes (in addition to pizzas).

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answers from Pueblo on

I agree with Sam I am... I would do board games, popcorn & movies, or salon... mani's, pedi's, hair fun... even dress up...Oh.. How fun!!
As for the food... I always made personal pizza's... get a bunch of toppings, and let them make there own pizza. Bake and you are good to go. Everybody gets what they want and not to much clean up!! Enjoy the time momma... it goes way to fast. Have a blast!! Happy Slumbing!!

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answers from Detroit on


Sounds like you are going to have lots of fun this saturday night! :)
I am actually an event planner and run my own kids themed party business. For a whole night of fun, I would simply ask your daughter what she wants to do. If she wants to to "wing" it, then leave it to the girls to have fun, they will have fun themselves. Pizza is always a good slumber party food. If she wants something planned, then ask her for some ideas. I am always a fan of the "spa" themed night, it can be an inexpensive party and that way you have provided "activites" for the girls to keep them busy, but it's also an indepent theme for them. Depending on what your daughter likes/dislikes a "cooking/baking" party is always fun for this age group. Get some chefs hats, aprons for them to decorate, make cupcakes, decorate them. Buy some pizza dough and have them make their own pizza. Another idea that works well for the age group is a "girls only club" with ice cream sundas they can make. Give them an area where they can transform into a "girls only" area with lots of pillows, fun bright colors, give them journels as party favors. One last idea is a luau party, always a great hit as well.....have fun! Remember, it's fine to just "wing" it, as long as the girls have fun, that's all that matters! (and that you keep your sanity during the process). Best of Luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

You can always make a special trip to the store w your dd and let her pick out the snacks and drinks.. kind of let her be in control of the choices (of course you guiding her but letting her pick out the ultimate choice). Then maybe go to Blockbuster or Netflix request for some movies to watch. Also maybe pick up a board game or something for them.

I liked the idea below about the little bon bon nail polishes too.

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answers from Chicago on

Have some back-up ideas as (if you have one) movies etc.....and see how it goes. Make sure there is plenty of drinks and food and I'll bet you'll be good to go.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Idle hands are the devil's workshop...

Have something for them to do. All kids like pizza. Buy some buscuits in the refrigerator case. Get some pizza toppings and let the kids make their own pizzas. Get some ice cream and toppings and let them make banana splits. Or if you have a grill get some briquets and let them roast hot dogs and marshmellows or make smores or banana boats (e-mail me if you need to know how to make banana boats. They are so easy and kids love them.)

Get an easel and let them play pictionary. Or let them play "Signs". They'll have a wonderful time doing that.
(Also, it is important for you to get a nap so you can supervise.)

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Boston on

I would also set some rules up front that everyone can stay up until xx time, but after that it is lights out and quiet, and if you keep talking I will come sit in a chair in the room to make sure everyone gets some sleep. I hate sleep overs since the next day I have a kid who is cranky and tired, so I have made them go to sleep otherwise they are up until 3 AM and back up again at 8 AM. We call them "stay awake overs". Pizza, birthday cake, movie, games to play, paper to draw on, beads to string, things they can grab as they want them but do not require a lot of supervision. And be prepared to have someone come to you at midnight and want to get picked up. I would ask the parents to be prepared for a late night call to come their daughter, just in case. Get some rest beforehand! Enjoy.

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answers from San Antonio on

I'd have a few things prepared in case they run out of ideas on their own, but I'd let your daughter and friends take the lead. If they have ideas of what they want to do and you're ok with it, let them do it.

At least then if they all come down and do the whole "I'm bored!" routine, you have a back up plan at the ready.

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answers from Muncie on

my answer... yes, make plans! If it's a slumber party, food - likely dinner and breakfast - will be a definite. My twin daughters had a slumber party two years ago for their tenth birthday, and though there is a three year age difference, a few of our ideas may be helpful:
-dinner: I had mini pizza crusts and let each girl put on her own toppings. We placed these on cookie sheets with their initials on the foil, so I knew which belonged to which girl. With breadsticks, this was our main supper. Dessert was birthday cake.
-breakfast: I had clear cups and plastic spoons for the girls, then I had bowls out of cut up fruit, cereal (granola or cheerios) and yogurt. They made little "breakfast parfaits," so they got to be fancy. :)

-games: if you have a dollar store nearby, or at a Wal-Mart party supply area, pick up scads of prizes. Then, whatever game(s) you play, the girls can get a prize when they win. (We had a limit of two prizes per girl, but they could still play... we had six girls and had 12 prizes.) One version of a party game we did at our girls' sixth birthday party was "tape the jewel on the crown." Rather than a donkey who needed a tail pinned on, I drew a large crown on a piece of yellow posterboard, then had construction paper "jewels" that blindfolded girls could each try to tape on the crowns top. Those whose jewels were closest won. Or there is musical chairs - that's a fun, simple game.

-crafts: I suggest you have something little, even a birthday picture for them to color... my girls always loved stringing beads, and "pony beads" can be strung on yarn, for instance.

Since it looks like the weather will be nice this weekend (at least in Indiana), if you have a backyard or park nearby, outside activities abound! Girls would enjoy making chalk drawings, I'm sure, if you have a paved/concrete area for this. Another fun outdoor thing, in nice weather is blowing bubbles!! Or playing with balloons. :)

I obviously wouldn't do all of this in one slumber party!! I just know that having some things planned can help. And I definitely suggest that you have a rated-G movie on hand for the girls in the evening. Popcorn is good for movie time, and it's not too expensive.

Have fun!

One final thing that comes to mind is dress-up... if your daughter has fun dress-up clothes, the girls can create all kinds of things.


answers from Chicago on

I would have a plan that is a "plan B" so basically have some activities ready and available for the girls to do but if they do not get done do not be bummed. One of the favorites for my slumber parties as a girl were when my mom would get cheap/free make up samples from stores like Mearle Norman (sp?) and small nail polish bottles (Ulta has minis as take home gifts) and doing salon night. We would play make up (all soft pink/purple girly eyeshadow/blush/lipgloss) and paint nails and mom would curl our hair. Movies are always a good thing to have on hand too. You can create a game using index cards or somthing simmilar and put questions for the girls to ask each other on.
Who is your hero?
Who would you like to meet?
What do you like/love about yourself?
Things like that maybe fun to do around dinner.



answers from Honolulu on

I had 2 slumber parties when my daughter was 7.
I planned stuff.
But, it was all moot.
Because, the girls did what THEY wanted to do and were REALLY independent and they simply did their own activities, despite what I planned. They had fun. Doing their own thing.
Thus, I winged it.
Sure I fed them. But aside from that, they just were really self-sufficient and didn't need "Mommy" to plan things for them. They are older now. They really are pretty independent.

They didn't even watch, the movie I got for them, that my daughter chose. They were too busy, doing their own activities.



answers from Cleveland on

How many is key. Also I would plan activities. I got a bunch of boxes, duct tape, sharpies and stickers and let my girls make a fort for their sleepover. The spent a ton of time and loved it. They graffitti's the boxes. ( My husband and I cut the boxes for windows and seams for the fort but obviously didn't let them near the boxcutters. They drew in one color what they wanted cut and while they were eating pizza my husband did much of the cutting and then afterward they want back, taped the thing together and continued decorating.

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