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Updated on November 19, 2012
J.K. asks from New York, NY
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Hi mamas,

My 10 week old baby girl is having trouble with drinking from a bottle. She is breastfed and has only drunk from a bottle a few times, but when she does, it seems that she can't swallow quickly enough to keep up with the flow of milk. I've been using the slowest nipple in the Born Free line, which both of my boys were able to handle. Maybe she just needs more practice, but is there a slower flow nipple that can be used with my Born Free bottles? I'd prefer not to buy a bunch of new bottles if I don't have to.


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answers from Chicago on

I had a post really similar to this if you check my history! Even down to Born Free, which worked with my son, being too fast for my daughter. I tried several that were recommended, but ultimately Tommee Tippee has been the best for us.

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answers from New York on

Have you tried feeding her with the bottle parallel to the floor, so she has to suck to get the milk out? Tipping the bottle means the milk flows whether or not she wants it.
See here:

Also, don't change to a faster-flow nipple when she gets older; after all, your breastmilk flow doesn't get faster! :)


answers from Tampa on

I have also used tommee tippee bottles a few time with my breastfed baby, and she handled it. Plus I think they are very close to the shape of the breast so it's not confusing to them.



answers from Dallas on

You'd have to search to see if they fit, but Gerber NUK nipples were the best I've used.

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