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Updated on August 08, 2012
M.E. asks from Greenlawn, NY
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I'm 6 wks pregnant but after 3 blood tests, it seems my hcg levels are slow rising (not doubling the way they typically do). My obgyn is concerned it may be a tubal. I have an appt for a sono tomorrow but in the meantime I'm freaking out! I only have the one tube left.

After doing my own research, I found that slow rising numbers are usually associated with miscarriages to come as well as ectopic pregnancies. I don't want either but if it has to be one or the other I'd prefer it NOT be a tubal.

Has anyone had successful pregnancies that started out with slow rising hcg levels? Or had a tubal where the tube wasn't compromised? I am so nervous yet trying to not stress out ... Near impossible task!

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So What Happened?

UPDATED: Radiologist didn't see anything alarming. Says its way early and suggests more blood work and follow up sono. I had another round of blood work today. We'll see what my levels are on Friday. Somehow, I feel much more relaxed. thank you all for your hopeful words. I pray that all will be okay.

.... As of Aug 14th, all is good :-) My HCG levels finally started doubling and the sono revealed a tini-tiny baby in my uterus with a steady strong heartbeat! I couldn't be more thrilled!!!

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My Hcg was a bit slow rising with my current pregnancy. Now I am almost 29 weeks ith a healthy baby boy.

Good luck and peace be with you!

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I had so low hcg levels that both my pregnancy test and blood test were negative and they told me i wasn't pregnant! They wanted to give me a shot to bring my period, if i had taken it i would have lost the baby. I finally went back to the doctor at 10 weeks pregnant and only then did it show up as positive and they were acting like something was wrong. But there was my son on the sonogram perfect.

Good luck and God bless!

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I know this is a very scary time for you but try to relax. My HCG levels NEVER doubled with my girls. They rose very slowly with both. My girls are very healthy and perfectly fine. Please keep us posted. You are in my prayers.

Peace and Blessings,
T. B

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Mine was very slow, it never, ever doubled like it should, they thought I was going to miscarry, they thought it was a blighted ovum. Well, I have a healthy child, I had a healthy pregnancy - I hope you do too!

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