Slow and Low HCG, Bleeding but Gestational Sac on Ultrasound

Updated on August 19, 2014
J.J. asks from Pine Bush, NY
7 answers

HI All,

i have a weird one and im looking for any success stories possible.

My last period was 7th July 2014.

i tested faint positive on the 29th July 2014.
Beta HCG 31st July 2014 was 14
Beta HCG 2nd August 2014 was 16
Beta HCG 4th August 2014 was 13
Bleeding began 7th August 2014. Assumed i miscarried. but i randomly took another test ont he 16th August and it was as dark as ever.
Beta HCG 16th August 2014 was 74
Beta HCG 18th August 2014 was 88.
Ultrasound confirmed the presence of a gestational sac (in uterus) measuring 4 weeks and 5 days. Appeared normal.

By my LMP i should be 6 weeks along. We have not had sex since the 22nd July 2014 as my husband has been away. so this HAS to be the time which got us pregnant. Could i just have implanted late and the bub is a little behind.. or do you think the slow and low HCG is going to mean this is truly going to end badly. Any success stories with similar??

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answers from San Francisco on

What does your doctor say?

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answers from Toledo on

How is it that you know your HCG numbers? With both my pregnancies my OB didn't even see me until I was 8 or 10 weeks along, and that's when I had my first U/S and blood test.

I've never known my levels. I leave that up to the doctor.

But, yes, you could have ovulated late that month, causing baby to be conceived a few days later than the last day of your period would indicate. The LPH, HCG levels and U/S's are all tools your OB uses to estimate your due date and keep an eye on things. None of those are absolutes, and, unless you re induced or have a c-section, you won't know when baby will arrive until baby arrives.

ETA - Sorry, didn't mean to be insensitive. You really need to ask your doctor. I would be surprised if very many women (other than OB's) knew enough to answer your question.

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answers from Portland on

I suggest the doctor is not answering your question because there is no way of knowing the answer and if the doctor doesn't know these mom's won't know. I very much doubt anyone knows these numbers for their pregnancies.

I know waiting to know if you'll carry this pregnancy is hard. Hang in there. When is your next ultrasound?

How do you answer your own post?

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answers from Norfolk on

Just wait and see what happens.
When we went through IVF I got a positive blood test 2 weeks after embryo transfer and I was happy but it wasn't really 'real' for me till I could hear a heart beat.



answers from New York on

I have had previous miscarriages and bleeding in this pregnancy which is why I was being monitored closely.

The doctor is not really saying anything... he wants to wait for next scan.


answers from Washington DC on

i dunno.
maybe try a doctor?



answers from Orlando on

I don't know all my specific numbers. But my first ultrasound was around 5 weeks pregnant and there was no baby yet - only a sac. The reason for the early ultrasound was becasue I was on birth control pills so we really had no idea how far along I was. When we only saw a sac, it was scary and I was nervous but the only thing to do was to wait it out and see what happens. The Dr said that early, it is completely normal to only see a sac but , you know , they never want to tell you for sure about anything. Also, I am now 35 weeks pregnant - completely normal pregnancy thus far.

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