Slipping Mattress Pad!

Updated on December 10, 2007
G.T. asks from Plymouth Meeting, PA
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i really hope you moms out there can help me with this one! i bought my mattress and mattress pad from Ikea. the mattress pad is about 1 inch or so thick. it makes my bed feel so soft and comfortable! anyway, you would think that since Ikea seems to have a solution for everything, they would have thought a cute and efficient way to keep the mattress pad from slipping off the mattress! not so. i have deep pocket sheets and even those little suspender things to keep the sheets on the bed, but since i toss and turn at night, the mattress pad moves and pulls the sheets off! i'm get so frustrated that i just sleep on the bed the way it until i can't take it anymore. i thought about putting velcro in an "L" shape on the corners of both the pad and mattress, but i don't know if it will hold or not. plus, i'd have to put it on all 4 corners on both sides of the pad and mattress so when i flip the mattress and pad there will be velcro on both sides. can anyone help?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You mentioned the suspender things to hold the sheets on. Is there some way you could use those to hold down the matress pad? Our mattress has cord handles on the sides. I would be able to attach the mattress pad to the handles using the suspenders. If yours doesn't maybe you could attach/sew cords or a heavy fabric strips then attach the mattress to them using the suspenders. Good luck!

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This might not be really easy, but it should work. Find a sheet that fits your mattress really well that doesn't move when you sleep (without the pad on the bed) Then sew the mattress pad to the sheet. Make sure it is a good quality sheet (I would spend a little extra $$ and go to Bed Bath and Beyond for the sheet.) Good luck!



answers from El Paso on

In the fabric department you can find the spray adhesive. If you don't take your mattress pad all the time you can use the spray (fabric) adhesive on the mattress top and pad bottom. That may help




answers from Scranton on

I think the real problem lies with your tossing and turning, not the sheet coming off. Try and find out why you are tossing and turning all night, that could not be very restful for you. You need to learn how to relax and get a good night sleep for your own sake, and sanity. Worrying about your sheet will only stress you further. Some relaxation techniques may be helpful to learn. Try yoga and meditation. You can find some books at the library. Maybe just reading before bed may help. Exercise is also good to help you sleep better at night.



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Try the the grip pads that are put under area rugs. That should do the trick or even try the shelf liners that are very much like the rug pads but a little thicker.
Good luck



answers from Philadelphia on

Put the pad on the matress then put mattress cover on then your sheets it worked for me .

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