Updated on September 15, 2011
S.N. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I need new slippers. I've tried so many different kinds and price ranges but can't find ones that "work". My feet are cold all winter. The last ones I tried were from Gander-Mtn. They kept my feet very warm but didn't "breathe" so quickly my feet were sweating and getting very cold.

Any slippers work well for you? If possible, be specific with your answer; brand, store purchased.

Thanks so much!!!

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answers from Houston on

Honestly, I hate slippers with a passion! Not b/c they aren't cozy, but b/c my toes cannot stand the fabric they are usually made with. So, I wear socks with mine. Just the regular white cotton, grey heel athletic socks. Maybe that would help?

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answers from Portland on

I"ve had the same problem. This past winter I bought some boots similar to the Ughs brand. They are suede with a lamb's wool lining. I got them on sale for around $40. Up until then I wouldn't have thought to spend that much on slippers but I'm so glad I did. I wear them in the house all day and my feet stay warm. Because they're leather they breath and my feet do not get sweaty.



answers from Augusta on

I wear fuzzy socks with the grippy stuff on the bottom. warm but not too warm and usually breathable



answers from Savannah on

The best slippers I have EVER used came from the drug store! It sounds unbelievable, but I have small feet and many size small slippers are just too big. Also, I like my feet to be warm but not sweaty, and the drug store slippers do the best job. I like the ones that have a very small peep toe and no back.



answers from San Francisco on

If you aren't allergic maybe try wool slippers or wear wool socks in your slippers. Sorry I don't have a brand in mind. I knit and felt some about every other year for my family. Wool (even thick and felted) seems to breathe and keeps my feet just the right temeprature and not sweaty.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have trouble finding good slippers too, but for a different reason. I'm prone to foot pain without good padding and support. I have a pair right now that I love. They are Skechers and I got them at Famous Footwear, but I don't know the model name. Mine are black slip-ons with a thick black sole (but don't leave marks on the floor). They are knit on top with a faux fur lining. I think they came in brown too. They might have been originally as much as $50, but I did not pay that. They had a sale going on and I had a coupon so that I think I paid more like $20. Prior to this I had the Loki model by Bearpaws. It was a similar type slipper--strong sole, slip on, fur lining. The outside was suede-like. I liked those too, but I went through a couple of pairs pretty quickly because I wore through the toe area. I got a really good deal on them at Famous Footwear so I didn't really care except that I had to go shopping again for new slippers.


answers from Milwaukee on

I really enjoy the slip on fleece slippers from Lands End. I think they are around 25 bucks.

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