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Updated on April 22, 2008
D.L. asks from Las Vegas, NV
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I am looking for a good sling, i have the Hotsling but it doesn't really work. My baby is growing fast and he is not comfortable in it (me neither). Anyone recommends a different one? I am also larger on top, so need something that will "give" as he grows. He is now 15 lbs and 4 months old. Thanks so much.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have posted my two favorite baby carriers on my blog, "Raising a Healthy Child" at: in my bargain hunting article. I hope you find it helpful!

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answers from Honolulu on

I have the Ultimate Baby Wrap which you can get at Target or Babies R Us and I love it. It is one huge piece of cotton-lycra that you wrap around yourself and it grows with your child. You can put them forward facing, rear facing, on their side, on your hip, or on your back. My daughter is 8 months old and almost 20 pounds and I can carry her in the sling for hours without it hurting my back and shoulders like some slings do. The wrap is only around $40 also and goes up to like 40 pounds or so.



answers from Reno on

A local girl makes slings with snaps so they are adjustable. It is very comfortable and by far my favorite (I have tried all major brands and carriers). her number is ###-###-####. They are called babypocket.

But if that doesn't sound like what you are looking for, Here is DETAILED review of all carrier-types which I found helpful:

The moby wrap is my all-time favorite carrying device for our 3-month old.
Our baby loves to be carried and for the first couple of months wouldn't sleep unless she was held so I did a bunch of research on different wraps and slings, and bought several to compare. Here is my 2-cents:

My all-time favorite. It is really not hard at all to put on, though it does take 2 mins to wrap it. After a while you can get the hang of wrapping it even in public places, but I mostly wrap it onto myself before I leave the house then just wear it until I am ready to put baby in, take her out, put her back in etc. I have used the moby for shopping, for trans-atlantic flights, and even to go bowling. It rocks!
Best things about it: soft t-shirt material gentle for baby and comfy for me, distributes weight across back, lots of different positions depending on whether she is sleeping or active (I use cradle when sleeping, and face her out when she is awake, then face her in when she is awake but likely to fall asleep soon), most secure.
Downsides: warmer in the summer, does take a couple of mins to put on, harder to get baby out of without waking up so once she falls asleep in there I keep her in until the end of her nap which means I can't take a shower for example.

Front carriers: (I have the Baby Bjorn Active)
This is my second-favorite carrier - and the only one my husband will wear! It distributes the weight very well and is great for longer days out, hiking etc. As she has become older this has become better and better and I feel we will get the most out of it in the next 3-6 months
Upsides: Distributes weight well, feels very secure, baby can face out or in, allows air to flow around baby
Downsides: Material feels a bit rough around baby's face, perhaps not good to use for long periods because of leg/back development (baby bears all her weight on crotch)

Ring slings: ( I have the Maya wrap and Oopababy)
I like the Oopa better than the Maya as the material is softer and easier to pull through the ring. I use this for around the house and short trips.
Upsides: Variety of positions, easy to throw on and chuck the baby in, can gently back out of and put baby down if she falls asleep in the wrap, easy to adjust
Downsides: Single shoulder so less comfy for long periods of time, less secure when moving about a lot

Pouches (I have a Hotsling)
I use this for short trips and evening-time due to nice patterns and simplicity
Upsides: Cool patterns, easiest to throw on and put baby in, coolest for summer wear
Downsides: Feels the least secure of all options. The material is soft and shiny and she seems to slip down into it rather in the cradle position. Also single shoulder so less good for long walks.

Padded sling: (I have one of these - can't remember the brand)
Upsides: Most comfortable for baby to sleep in then be transfered to a cot
Downsides: Bulkier and warm in the summer, single-side carry issue again

If I had to buy only ONE carrier I would get the moby. If I had to get two it would be a tough call between the bjorn and the ring sling for #2.



answers from San Luis Obispo on

I love my "adjustable fleech pouch"...can be found at We've been using it since birth and my 9-month-old is now 25 pounds and still loves it (it's truly amazing)! I also have the ergo baby carrier and it's a back saver for sure. Although the pouch works better for soothing especially if your at at gathering and need your baby to take a nap in a loud environment. ~M.



answers from Los Angeles on

hey D.! i was searching for the right sling for a while, and finally found one that i love!
it's very comfortable, it grows with your child (up to 30 lbs), it's afordable, and they offer a variety of prints or solids. the website is
hope this helps!



answers from Los Angeles on

If you like the same style you can try a Maya wrap, which is the same but adjustable. But, hotslings kind of suck. They're like the cheap version. I have a peanut shell and absolutely love it. You may have also been sized wrong. Anyway... another choice I'm thinking about looking into is a Mai Tai (or Maya Tai, depending on where you look). It's more like a front carrier, but better on the baby's back and might work well for you now that your son is a little bigger (I don't think it works well for tiny tiny babies). Also, have you tried sittin him up in your hotsling? My daughter is 18 months and 28lbs and I still use my peanut shell with her sitting up in it. And look for a baby boutique in your area- they can help you with choosing one that works for you and with sizing and how to use it right. If you absolutely can't find a boutique try they have a really great return policy if the sling doesn't work for you- the site is owned by a mom so she is pretty understanding of reasonable requests!

PS I would highly recommend against the baby bjorn- first, for younger children it puts unnecessary pressure on the lower spine. Second, the whole purpose of the sling is to hold your baby close to you (well, and free your hands) and I take issue with those front carriers that hold the baby out front- it looks like you don't want to touch your own baby! Plus the baby bjorn is more expensive, but you can't use it past 30 lbs, whereas a sling you can use much longer for multiple positions (except the maya tai- only one position).



answers from San Diego on

I would recommend the Baby Bjorn. It has adjustable straps. Try looking for one on craigslist first that way you're not spending the full $80 if it doesn't work out for you. I found mine for $10 on there.


answers from Los Angeles on

my personal favorite is the Maya Wrap,
it is adjustable, tricky to start out using but i got used to it very quickly. and you can keep using it up until your baby is a toddler (or as long you can keep carrying your child!!) im on my second baby with my maya wrap and it is still good as new. it comes with an instructional video too, so that will make it even easier to get the hang of.
if you think it is too expensive, i think there are all sorts of adjustable slings you can find and buy. plus theres always



answers from Los Angeles on

My ultimate favorite is the moby wrap. My daughter is now 4 years old, but I used that sling from about 4 months until 18 mos. It was soooo useful and I'd always get comments in stores from moms or grandmothers. My daughter was always very happy in it - she could be close to me in the stores, she would be away from the dirty carts and away from people's prying hands wanting to touch my baby. And the best part - she could see what was going on around her, to let her little mind take it all in. This wrap is a little intimidating to learn to put on, but oh what a pay off!

I also had the Maya Pouch sling (which is discontinued now) - I used this one for breastfeeding often. Every time my daughter saw it she wanted to nurse. I know many moms who use the Maya sling and it is great too.

There's so many good ones out there, and slings are the best for soooo many reasons.



answers from Los Angeles on

HI D. L (BTW, are you DR.D.??? If so, you're my daughter's dentist!) If not, disregard :)
I tried and tried to put my BIG son into a sling... could not do it. He hated it. After much research, I finally settled on the Ergo carrier. I love it! It's easy to use and he likes it too. It's a little pricey... about $100 or so. BUt, worth every penny! My hubby even used it on my 2 1/2 year old daughter.




answers from Los Angeles on

It's not a sling but I highly recommend an Ergo. Worth every penny and you'll never need another carrier. You can carry baby in the front now and hip or back when he has more head control. It is easy on your back and you can carry baby until...? the weight limit is high!




answers from Los Angeles on

Dear D.,

There is a phenomenal BABYWEARING group here in L.A. called KOALA L.A. led by the very AMAZING Traci Cummings. Her monthly meetings are incredible, and she offers a BABYWEARING LENDING LIBRARY where you can borrow slings/ wraps to try for yourself. Her # is: (213) 300~8275. She is truly a BABYWEARING ADVOCATE and all her help is free!!! : ))) I highly recommend calling her with your request! : )))

L. (Mama to 6 month old old Dylan Orion) : )))



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi!! I love wearing my baby! Don't get a bjorn! They are so uncomfortable and baby feels like they are an object stuck on you rather than a "part of you". I would reccomend a mei tai carrier. They are the most versatile, comfortable and best for bonding as well. For starters you should check out, they are affordable, totally cool and comfy for you and baby, and you can customize fabrics. Also check out for reviews on every carrier you can imagine. Good luck mama!


answers from Los Angeles on

There's a GREAT article here about baby slings:

I used both the Nojo sling and the Maya Wrap. I like the Nojo better when they were younger, because it has padded edges that serve as rails. But I really liked both of them when they were older.

When they got much older, I found a back pack that I LOVE. It can be used front OR back, and my 4.5 year old still fits and loves it (great for walking around a store or Disneyland [grin]). I saw on the site that they have an attachment for really young ones -- I wish I'd found this one earlier!!! The thing I love most about it is that it's not putting all the baby's weight on one shoulder, but on both. It's much better for my back. Anyway, it's made by "Ergo Baby" and it's wonderful.

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