Sleepwalking 4 Year Old?

Updated on August 13, 2009
K.L. asks from Story City, IA
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We don't actually know if this is sleepwalking or what and we aren't sure if it's something we should be worried about. Last night, my 4 year old daughter and husband slept in our backyard in the tent...daughter couldn't wait! In the middle of the night, my husband woke up to our daughter sitting straight up, standing up and then walk into the side of the tent. Then he said it looked like she was trying to climb up the side of it. Then she just laid back down and threw the blanket back over her head like nothing had happened. We aren't sure if she has done anything like this before or not. We have heard noises from her room at night before...sounds like she gets out of bed, walks around her room and then right back in bed. But, we also have a dog and 2 cats who like to play with each other at we assumed it was just them playing. Is this something we should be talking to our doctor about? I don't want her to hurt herself!

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Our son would kind of do the same thing. He would wake up because he had to go to the bathroom, and get up to "go." The crazy thing was, he didn't always make it to the bathroom. But he always relieved himself. So...we caught him peeing into trash cans in various rooms (including the bathroom!), found a puddle in the kitchen once, and once at the foot of our bed. It took awhile to figure out it was pee in the wrong places, but when we confronted him, he never remembered getting out of bed. He's a couple of years older now (10)...and always makes it to the bathroom toilet. We always listen and discovered his "typical" time to sleepwalk was a couple of hours or so after he went to bed. We nicknamed him "The midnight Pee-er" as it was always before midnight. Have you noticed your daughter's "noise" is before midnight? We could always sleep after that knowing he wouldn't likely get up and roam around.

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Hi Kim,
My son now 9 has been doing odd things including sleepwalking since he was about 3. Some times it is to go to the bathroom as one of the other moms had said, so we do get wet surprises every once in a while. He has always had sleeping problems, he was 18 months old before he slept 6 hrs straight. The doctor told us there wasn't anything we could do. Last winter my husband and him stayed overnight at a hotel for a sporting event and he got out of the hotel room and was found wondering around by other family that races with us. This was around 3am and we have no idea how long he was out there. He couldn't tell anyone where his room was due to the fact that he was sleepwalking. We actually use an alarm on his bed the sounds if he gets up. We actually used it for him as a baby it was a SIDS alarm. It works by detecting movement so if there is no movement for 10 sec. it sounds an alarm. You get a monitor for your room or were ever (just like a baby monitor) the brand we have is the Angel Care brand. You can find it at Babies R Us, and other places. This has been our life saver. Hopefully she will grow out of it, but if not try your best to keep her safe.

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I am not sure what the Doctor will be able to do about it, but I think you should bring it up.

When I was around that age I would do the same thing. One time I actually left the house at 3 am, and walked across the street... My grandparents lived in the house I walked to, so it is a little less scary, but I CROSSED THE STREET!

My Mom says I was trying to get into the car, but it was locked, and that when I left the house the door locked behind me. Thank God my Grandpa fell asleep on the couch and heard me at his window.

This can be quite scary. I think you should try to find an alarm for her bedroom door just in case. I think they might even have them at walmart. That way if she ever leaves her room you will know.

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