Sleeping Issues-1 Week Old

Updated on August 02, 2007
M.B. asks from Murfreesboro, TN
6 answers

Ok, I have a 1 week old baby girl who seems to be a genius already, HA. She sleeps most of the day which I know newborns do most of the time & then she will wake up a little bit in the evening but come bedtime, she will not go to sleep & she will not sleep in her bassinet or her swing which she will sleep in during the day??? She dozes for 30 minutes at the most thru the night & will wake up & cry for a little while & then doze, but she only will sleep if she is laying in the bed next to one of us. It just seems a little early to me (I have 2 boys already) to have your days/nights mixed up & what is up with the swing/bassinet thing during the day vs night?
Any suggestions would be great!

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answers from Memphis on

routine and small fan has worked wonders for our 2 children...oldest is 4...and i have a 2 month old...he is already sleeping 10-12 hours a night...



answers from Memphis on

I absolutely love my Snuggle Nest. It is a little bed that fits in your bed and you don't have to worry about rolling over the baby. My 5 week old sleeps great in it because he can be right next to you. It is $50 at BabiesrUs and I think Target may have them but it is well worth it!!!



answers from Chattanooga on

Have you tried stimulating her during the day by changing her clothes, brushing her hair...etc and try to keep her awake a bit longer? I know this sounds easier then it is when a baby is tired and wants to sleep, most people dont think how do I keep her awake, plus when the baby is ready for a nap that means a brake for mom!

But give it a try even if you have to give her a little bath or something?

I cant help with the sleeping in the bed thing as all of mine ended up sleeping with me! I wanted sleep so bad and I got the most sleep with them in bed with me!Each kid I had I swore they would sleep in the crib but it has never worked that way ;)



answers from Knoxville on

It seems to me that all that waking and dozing at night get her real tired causing her to REM sleep during the day. My little man started that way as well. Because he spent his first two weeks of life in a NICU he did not know when light and dark was, since it was always the same in the Hospital. I'd say give her some time. What worked for me was makeing sure during the day he was in a regular day environment, (I.e. TV on sometimes me talking Upbeat Music, plenty of natural light, etc) then at night or when I wanted him to start calming down for bed I purposely made it dim, soft lullubies, and a bed time routine. Now at 3 months day napping with 7 hour nights are old hat.

About the swing thing: Try taking her out of the swing and putting her in her sleep spot, crib/bassinet, when you notice her dozing off during the day, this will break up the sleep and hopefully teach her that her bed is where she sleeps, Maybe even get one of those heart beat teddy bears as well to simulate her sleeping near you.

Hopefully this helps.



answers from Memphis on

Hi M.,

My daughter, who is now 12 months, did the same exact thing. She only ever slept at night if it was with me. She slept with me the first month of her life. After that she had no problem sleeping in her crib. Maybe it's a security thing with them. Who knows. My advice is....if it doesn't bother you letting her sleep with you right now, it's not a problem. Just remember to keep trying to introduce her to her crib. She'll take to it soon enough. Just don't let her continue to sleep with you for a long time. When it starts to become a habit it's harder to break.

Good luck!



answers from Memphis on

Sounds like she has her days and nights backwards. The post below has some great advice. I suggest controlling when and how long she naps through the day. If she is sleeping outside of the approprite nap time, play with her and wake her up a bit. Then she will be ready for sleep when night time comes.

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