Sleeping & Eating Schedule for 14/15 Month Old

Updated on July 22, 2010
S.B. asks from Boston, MA
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Hi Moms!
I was wondering what your typical sleepng & eating schedule for 14-15 month old baby is. Please be specific...wake up, meals, snacks, nap times, bedtime, and routines. Do you give milk before sleep and if yes, how long before sleep. And if you have night wakings how do you deal with them? If the nap is shorter than it regularly is how do you deal with it? And do your babies put themselves to sleep for naps and bedtime? I am just rethinking our daily routine and want to get some ideas on what works for other Moms! Thanks in advance!!!

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answers from Boston on

My daughter is 15 months old, and she usually sleeps 12-13 hours at night and wakes up between 6-7am. After breakfast and a cup of milk around 8:30 she's ready for a nap and sleeps for 1.5-2 hours and then we play with her brother until lunch. We usually eat around 11 and at noon her brother goes for his nap (he's almost 3) and then my daughter goes down around 12:30-1pm. This nap is shorter lasts about an hour and when she gets up we play until dinner time. In between which we have a snack and some milk. At dinner she has her milk and I try to have her eat what the rest of us are eating. We generally then play for a while and read some books before tub, we get ready for bed around 6-6:30 (because I work nights so I need to get some sleep too) After tubs we read a story while she has some milk in a cup (just rid of the bottle a few weeks ago, so still transitioning) Then we go to her room, sing rock a bye baby and she goes to her crib and usually falls right to sleep.
Hope this helps!!

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answers from Hartford on

My son is 18 months and has been on the same schedule for a while now. Below is our weekday schedule...on the weekends ee push everything back a little to allow more time to sleep.

630am wake up, get dressed, have half a cup of milk
730 breakfast (oatmeal, pancakes, yogurt, etc with fresh fruit)
1030 cup of milk
1130 lunch (usually a protein and Veggis)
1230-230 nap
230 cup of milk
400 snack (yogurt, graham crackers, fruit, etc)
600 dinner
700 start getting ready for bed
730 bed

He can fall asleep on his own but I still like to rock him to sleep. We usually put pajamas on, brush teeth, read a book and then cuddle in the rocking chair with a fuzzy blanket. He doesn't wake up in the middle of the night and if he takes a shorter than expected nap we will have an earlier bedtime or another nap. I don't give him milk at bedtime because he brushes his teeth before bed. I give him a little bit of water but he rarely drinks it. Hope that helps, good luck!!

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answers from New York on

My son is just 16 months but has been on the same scheudle for several months. Here is a typical day:
6:30amish wake up have breakfast
play for a while
8amish back down for a nap 1-2 hrs.
when he wakes up we have an outing - park, mall, library etc.
10am - snack
12pm - lunch
depending on how his morning nap was he will either have a nap right after lunch or about 30 minutes after lunch
1pm ish - afternoon nap usually 2 hours
3pmish - snack
play time etc.
5:30pm - dinner
7:30pm - Bath time
8:00pm - bed time
Bed time routine - dry off after bath, pj's on lights off and we use a white noise maker and that is on. After my son gets a drink of water and sometimes a small snack (if he had a small dinner or missed a snack etc,) his snack would be a cracker or 1 fig newton. If he has a snack then we brush his teeth after it, otherwise teeth brushing is while pjs are on. Then we read a story while drinking water. We say goodnight to daddy I take him into his room say goodnight, lay him down and he sleeps till morning.
- yes, my son puts himself to sleep for all naps. Every now and then he doesn't want to nap but stays in his crib for a while anyway (as long as he isn't really upset)
- if my son is ever up in the night something is wrong - scared, tummy ache etc. so I go into his room and rub his back and sing to him for a few mintues and then leave. He usually cries when I leave but unless something is really wrong, not for more than 1 minute, and he's back to bed.
Okay, good luck!

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answers from Phoenix on

I have a 15 month old daughter and have done home daycare for 18 years. My daughter's schedule is a little unusual and does vary a bit on weekends when she doesn't have to eat lunch/nap with the rest of the daycare:
Wake-10 am weekdays, 11-11:30 weekends
Breakfast-right after waking
Lunch-12 weekdays, 1-3ish weekends depending on what we're doing
Nap-12:30/45-3/4 weekdays, 1/3-4:30/6:30 weekends depending
Snack-right after nap
Dinner-6:30/7 weekdays, 7/8 weekends
Bedtime-8/8:30 weekdays, 8/10 weekends depending

The daycare kids the same age operate on this schedule during the week:
Breakfast-at home after waking (about 6/7)
AM Nap-8:30/45-10/11
AM Snack-right after waking from AM Nap
PM Nap-12:30/45-2:45/3 or later on occasion
PM Snack-right after waking from PM Nap
Dinner-at home (about 6/7)

My daughter drinks milk with all meals and snacks and I don't give her anything to drink after dinner/before bed, since she gets plenty at dinner and goes to be within an hour or so of eating. I wouldn't give a child this age anything in the case of night wakings, as they really don't need to drink in the night, but will quickly get used to the idea of waking to drink out of habit. I set aside a specific time for nap and if the child wakes dramatically early, I don't rush in to get them. I want them to go back to sleep, so going into the room will only prevent that from happening. The earliest I will go get kids up from nap is 2:30, or 1.5 hours into naptime. When they do wake earlier than usual, I just give them snack a little earlier. My daugher and all of my daycare kids put themselves to sleep. I do not hold even the 6 week olds to get them to nap. I don't believe it teaches good sleeping habits to do so. If an infant does fall asleep in my arms, I put them down for the remainder of their nap.

I hope this helps you with your routine! Good luck!

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answers from Lewiston on

My son is 15 months and his schedule is the following. I have a 3 year old, so he naps in the p.m. at 1:00, but when I only had one child, her afternoon nap was a little later, closer to 2:00. I have gotten my son on the same p.m. nap schedule as my daughter so that I get time without the kids while they both sleep!

Wakes 6- 6:30 and gets a bottle (his only one) of milk. This helps him not get too hungry while I shower and get kids dressed.
Breakfast at 7:30
Nap from 9-10
Snack at 10
12:00 Lunch and milk
1:00-3 Nap
Playtime and snack around 3:30
5:30-6:00 Dinner as a family
6:15 Bath time and start to get ready for bed
7:00 Bedtime

For all naps and bedtime, I read him about 2 stories, sing him a lullaby and then lie him in his crib. He goes to sleep on his own, and I don't even use a night-light anymore. I find he sleeps more soundly in the dark.

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answers from Los Angeles on

When my now 20 mo old twins (boy/girl) were 14 mos. I started putting them on a schedule. Bedtime for both is at 9pm. My son would always wake up (a few times less a wk now), Twice during the night for a bottle & I would give him one. My daughter, on the other hand slept all thru the night. I was told not to give him a bottle but I ignored it and still do. I brush their teeth before bedtime and in the morning (when I remember). At times they still cry but only for about less than a minute to five. They have to know it's 'bedtime'. I would start telling them it's bedtime, and I shut tv off, we go say nite nite to the fishies, and our dog Misty. They wake up between 7:45-9am. I used to give them a bottle but they are less on the bottle and more foods. I give them waffles with banana, little pancakes, scambled eggs with toast, cereal with banana or oatmeal with toast. I sit them on their high chairs, but latley I sit them now on their table on two chairs watching their favorite Nick Jr. shows. About 2 hrs later or less I give them a snack, like sliced oranges, or any other fruit, jello, applesauce or pudding with crackers. Around 12:30-1pm they'll have a chocolate milk bottle (if they dont' want food), or a peanutbutter/jam sandwich, vienna sausages with cheese, etc. When they're done, it's 'naptime'. I'll sing it for them. They'll nap for about 2-4 hours. When they wake up from their naps, its lunch time, a peanutbutter/jam sandwich, or sliced avocados with sausage cheese, etc. An hour or so later; a snack. Dinner is like chicken nuggets with green beans, fish sticks with either peas or carrots or whatever dinner I make (pasta with chicken, etc.). And again, bedtime at 9pm! That's basically the routine I have them on. Sometimes for some reason, one doesn't want to go to bed. I rock him/her for a bit and that's he/she needs. Kids really need routine, structure, they need it for good developement. Of course I have days where they stay up a bit longer, they are starting to know 'daddy' is coming soon. My husband walks thru the door from work at 10:45pm. So the second they hear him walking in, (if one or both are up), they run to him with happiness! It's ok ;)

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answers from Boston on

Hi, Im a mother of 4 but my youngest who's 19 months, has also a weird schedule nothing like his older siblings but his schedule is we usually have to wake him up between 8-10AM (he'll sleep all day) He wakes up and automatically wants his formula (he's on neucate to gain weight) he's really not a breakfast person but I try to gave him fruit, dryed cereal or etc. he does to daycare, he gets TIRED!!!! He eats lunch around 12ish which it could be a P&B and jelly sandwich, bologna, pieces of cheese, graham crakers, gold fish, cheese its, gerber graduates and etc, its different each day. Naps from 12:30ish to 2:30-3:30PM. And he wakes up gets a snack, play ground and etc. At 6ish he gets a bottle of formula and shortly after is dinner (sometimes he takes a cat nap) dinner is usually around 7ish, bathe, play. Bedtime started around 10ish, he fights it so sometimes take 30 to hour for him to full asleep, my husband actually lyes down with him. Hope this helps. let me know if you have any other questions!!!!

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