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Updated on November 02, 2009
J.S. asks from Baltimore, MD
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My son is 2 months old and I would like to try and get him on some kind of schedule before I return back to work the end of next month. Does anyone have advice on how to do this or at least get him to sleep through most of the night. Right now he wakes up to eat every two hours!

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answers from Richmond on

I would second the advice to follow "the secrets of the Baby whisperer" = she is great for sleep routines and schedules for babies to help you manage your own schedule. good luck



answers from Washington DC on

He is doing wha the is supposed to at 2 months. You would be shocked at how much he will change month to month so there is no reaseon to believe this is what he is doing now is wha the will be doing in a month. Some babies continue to wake at night once or twice past 3 months but that will be a vast improvement on every two hours.

Others may have ideas, but I personally don't believe in scheduling your baby - it's too early. Feed on demand, cuddle, rock to sleep, whatever works. Later, like after one year, babies start fighting sleep - that's a whole different ballgame!

Read "Healthy Sleep Habits of a Happy Child" - it's great.



answers from Norfolk on

Limit the interaction when getting up with him. Get a night light you can flip on or have on in his room. I did the same thing when my daughter was little. Before she was born i worked nights and planned on going back when she was 3mo. old. This is exactly what i did.
When i went in to feed i wouldn't turn on any lights only a night light. I wouldn't talk to her or play or anything i made it as bland as possible making it very clear i was here for a task and only that thing. I would feed and than change diaper. I wouldn't speak a word to her. That way she didn't get the idea it was time to get up. That way as she got old enough she would wean herself off night feedings because she gained nothing from them. She slept through the night at exactly 3mo. so i could go back to work. It worked out perfectly. Some children take longer but it won't take any longer than needed if you don't give them a reason to get up aside of needing food and diaper changing. Good luck



answers from Dallas on

Snuggle spot...It is a baby bed/pillow that makes a baby feel like it is being held when you cant hold it.



answers from Richmond on

I liked the book "The Baby Whisperer". In it, the author suggested feeding closer together near bedtime. In other words, if you are feeding the baby every 3 hours during the day, toward the end of the day, feed him every 2 hours or 1 & 1/2 hours. That way, they have a fuller belly for the night. I was nursing, so I added a formula bottle at the end of the day and that worked well for us.

Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

Sounds like a very normal 2 month old. This age is much too early to begin any sleep training program. You should check out

I find it is the best parenting advice website I've come across.



answers from Charlottesville on

Your baby should NOT be sleeping through the night or even most of the night. They need to eat several times a night. By 3 months they can start to extend the times between feeding slightly, but still should feed at least 2-3 times every night (that's between midnight and 6 am). There little stomachs can't hold enough to get them through the night and they need way more calories than you can imagine, since they're growing every minute of every day. Sorry, this is why all mom's say they haven't slept! Good luck!



answers from Washington DC on


When it comes to sleep everyone seems to have a different opinion. I will share what worked for me with both of my kids and for several friends of mine. I got the book On Becoming Babywise by Dr. Gary Ezzo from a friend when my oldest was waking up every 2 hours at about 6 weeks. It was driving me nuts not to get any sleep. After 3 short days of putting the practices into place he was sleeping 5 hours and by the time he was 2.5 months he was sleeping 8-9 hours every night. My second was sleeping 8-9 hours by 2 months since I put the practices into place sooner. Basically, you make sure that he stays awake after you feed him during the day. Most people, myself included, let a baby fall asleep after or during eating and then let them sleep. However, if you feed them as soon as they wake up and then have playtime for awhile before they go back to sleep then they will naturally stay asleep longer at night. I can't remember why it works I just know it does. I hope this helps!

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