Sleep Sack for 4 Month Old

Updated on January 14, 2007
L.F. asks from Dallas, TX
6 answers

I've been looking for a sleep sack for my 4 month old. I've found a couple on-line but didn't know if someone had a good one they could suggest.

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We used the Halo Sleep Sack with our baby girl. We transitioned her from swaddling to the sack and it worked beautufully. She had one cotton one and one fleece type one for when it was really cold. This was always her cue for night time, and she always slept so well in it...aaahhh for the days of sleeping well, she is now 1 year old and wakes more now than she ever did....of course that is another story. Best of luck to you, I think you will really like it. You can get them at right start, and various other places.




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Like the other moms, I also highly recommend the Halo sleepsack. I would get 2, one to wear, one as a spare. I would put my daughter in a long sleeved onesie, and the sleepsack, and she slept great! I wish that she could still wear them, but she is too big, and too mobile now. I used them until she was 13 months old. Good luck!



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I also LOVED the Halo sleep sacks for my daughter! I love that they unzip from the bottom up, so that you don't have to almost completely undress the baby at night to change the diaper, which would wake them up more.

They are generous in their size, so my daughter had lots of room to kick her legs. I would put a long sleeve onesie, a hat, socks, and possibly little pants on my daughter, and then put the sleep sack on her, and she would stay cozy and warm at night.

Babies 'R Us has them in lots of different colors and prints, and now they have them in fleece and different lighter fabrics for the warmer seasons.

Good luck!



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After doing some research online, I found Kindersack.

I once babysat for a French family who used this type of sleep sack. It was much softer and a bit warmer than the normal cotton sleep sacks that you find in the stores.

I just ordered a cotton unquilted sleep sack for my one month old. I am a first time mom and am going to try to have my baby sleep on his back. Currently, he was been sleeping in his carseat at night. It was the only way he sleeps for longer than 20 or 30 minutes at a time.



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We also started using the Halo sleep sack around 3 or 4 months and my daughter still sleeps in it (she is 15 months old). I got ours at Babies R Us and occasionally, they have them on sale for buy one, get the 2nd 50% off. I like the cotton one because the fleece seemed too heavy during the winter due to the heater. We plan to keep our daughter in them as long as possible because I've read that it helps to prevent babies from being able to climb out of the crib.



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My son didn't like the sleepsack. He'd sleep for 20-30 minutes then wake up and get incredibly fussy. I finally realized it was the sleepsack that was bothering him. So next, I tried the Swaddle Me blanket. I'd put him in a long sleeved sleep and play onesie, then wrap him in the Swaddle Me(it velcroes to stay in place) and position him on his side in a sleep positioner. Now that he is 7 months, I still swaddle him but use a regular blanket... he also now stays in position without the positioning pillow. :)

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