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Updated on May 18, 2010
D.T. asks from Tampa, FL
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Does anyone have a baby that sleeps in a sleep sack, and if so, can they or do you let them sleep on their stomach if they can pick up their past 90 degrees and roll over onto their back? My son is 5 months old and has gradually moved from the sleep sack swaddle to just the sleep sack. However, recently, started napping great on his stomach. In the sleep sack at night, I only put him on his back. However 2 nights last week, I put him to sleep on his stomach with no sleep sack and he did better and seemed to better put himself back to sleep if he woke in the night. I don't if that was just a fluke or if he possibly sleeps better on his stomach, but at the same time I know he takes comfort in the sleep sack. So, now I'm wondering if it's ok to put him on his stomach at night with the sleep sack since he's able to pick up his head past 90 degrees and roll back over to his back if he chooses to do so.

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answers from Tampa on

I was told if they can roll over on their own it's okay for them to sleep on their stomachs. I don't think it makes a difference with the sleep sack unless it's huge on him. My son also sleeps better that way, but he is only 11 weeks, so I have to wait a little longer. I let my son take naps on his stomach when I can supervise him. If I wasn't so parinoid about sids I would put him to sleep that way because he likes it much better.

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answers from Sacramento on

Yup my first has been in one since he was born. He's almost 2.5 and still sleeps at night in one. I tried taking it off and he slept horribly. In fact, so far its kept him from trying to climb out of the crib as well. Although, he is on the smaller side. He's had no problems rolling over with it on. In fact, he even walks normal in it. It's a little long for him so it gives him some room to move. Although should note I didn't put him down on his tummy at that age..But he did end up rolling over on his tummy at some point. Still a tummy sleeper today :)



answers from New York on

I put my first son in a sleep sack until he was walking. He was totally fine to roll over and even scoot and crawl in the crib with it on. I stopped when he started walking because I was scared that he would trip and smash his face on his crib!



answers from Cincinnati on

My son is still in a sleep-sack at 15 months! I bought mine from Baby-in-a-bag, and I LOVE them. Having said that, you should not put your son to sleep on his tummy. You say he can roll on to his back - can he roll on to his tummy? If so, he can do it on his own. You should continue to put him down on his back for SIDS safety.



answers from Detroit on

I put my son in a sleep sack until he was about 10 months, probably longer. He could roll and whatnot -- when he started standing up in his crib is when I transitioned him to a blanket because I was worried he would fall. But yes, I think it is perfectly fine to have a rolling child in a sleep sack. They also make sleep sacks with little holes and ribbing around the ankles so you can pop out the feet, if you think that would give him more mobility. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

I had my son in a sleep sack until he was able to walk. At that point he would try to walk around his crib in the sack and it was dangerous because he would trip and fall.



answers from Miami on

Forget the sleep sack. It is HOT out! Babies who sleep on their backs are delayed in motor skills across the board. If they do not get enough tummy time/core stregth in the first 6 months then this will come back to haunt later on in school. It shows up as a handwriting problem, copying from the board problem, reading, decoding, auditory, vision and behavioral problems.....ALL that from not getting enough tummy time. Sleeping on tummy wakes up the central nervous system and playing on tummy increases all skills. A good rule of thumb for boys is 4 times a days for 30 minutes each time. If your child is below that then work on it. Get them out of chairs that sit them too early and develop the wrong groups of muscles. We all slept on our backs and we are so much stronger then this generation of children who are cognitively smart but cannot engage, communicate, show physical endurance and have lots of problems learning in a school environment.



answers from Orlando on

Absolutely! My son slept in a sleep sack from 3-12 mos & he had no trouble whatsoever rolling over in it at night...he's a very restless sleeper & moves a lot. If he's sleeping better on his tummy, great! As long as he can roll himself over, go for it. :)

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